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Sydney Business Connect - April 2017

Sydney Business Connect

The University of Sydney Business School Magazine

Sydney Business Connect celebrates the Business School community – our alumni, students and staff, as well as industry, government and community partners who discover new ways of doing things, conceptualise problems differently, innovate and challenge the status quo.

In our April edition, we see an increasing number of business leaders who are willing to take a stance on a broad range of issues. This development sparks debates on the role and purpose of business. It also raises questions – sometimes fiercely contested – about the topics on which business leaders can legitimately express opinions. Read more.


Hold your pity

Social enterprises can still make a profit, even when they are alleviating poverty. Read more

Why the reef’s true value runs deep

Estimating the value of a global icon – the Great Barrier Reef.
Read more

At your services

How can not-for-profits build resilience and longevity?
Read more

Pollution at a price

The world needs to turn to renewable resources for the next stage of the industrial evolution. Read more

Deadly denial

Capitalism’s deep refusal to address the climate change crisis is killing the planet. Read more

You wouldn’t read about it

Ideas for greater transparency in corporate social responsibility reporting. Read more