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Sydney Business Connect - April 2017

Sydney Business Connect

The University of Sydney Business School Magazine

Sydney Business Connect celebrates the Business School community – our alumni, students and staff, as well as industry, government and community partners who discover new ways of doing things, conceptualise problems differently, innovate and challenge the status quo.

In our October edition, we look at the future of business, and what this means for responsible management education.

The scale, scope and complexity of forces such as digital technology, artificial intelligence, robotics, the peer-to-peer economy and historically unprecedented demographic shifts are such that we are entering a new era – sometimes dubbed the fourth industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0. Read more.


The motor car: Love in a digital age

Carlos Ghosn, CEO of the Renault–Nissan Alliance and one of the world’s most influential business leaders, predicts what we can expect from the future of the automotive industry.
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Connecting our global community

In advance of the 2017 CEMS graduation in Sydney this November, we talk to some of our graduates who are driving change across the world.
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Industry insider

Get the inside scoop – from the Smith Family CEO Dr Lisa O’Brien on the business of giving, to Flare Managing Director Jan Pacas on the power of technology. Read more

The business of decency

Qantas CEO Alan Joyce is committed to business success, inclusion and old-fashioned decency.
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Business loans restart refugees’ lives

Mahir Momand arrived in Australia after being forced to flee his country. Now, as Chief Executive of Thrive Refugee Enterprise, he’s giving refugees financial independence. Read more

Saving for the future, every time you spend

Dr Carla Harris, co-founder and CEO of Longevity App, explains how everyday purchases can change the way we retire. Read more

Tackling the world’s biggest problems with social enterprise

Alumnus Hugh Whalan is making social enterprise profitable in developing countries. Read more

Redistributing social capital

Stephen Fang has personally experienced the power of trusted connections. Now he’s making it possible for many more people to share their social capital. Read more