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Sydney Business Connect - April 2017

Sydney Business Connect

The University of Sydney Business School Magazine

Sydney Business Connect celebrates the Business School community – our alumni, students and staff, as well as industry, government and community partners who discover new ways of doing things, conceptualise problems differently, innovate and challenge the status quo.

In our April edition, we acknowledge that the future of business is a world shaped by megatrends. Focusing on the major trends affecting business and the community will prepare us for the new world of work. Megatrends yield complex problems, and understanding them will underpin a more informed and creative approach to responding to these pressing issues, and the opportunities they afford. Read more »


‘Smart property’

For better or for worse, house prices are at an all-time high. An emerging technology, Blockchain, is poised to transform the way we buy and sell real estate, and potentially much more.
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The power of one

Suzanne Young shares her story: growing up in remote Australia near a one-teacher primary school, to her senior role with multinational insurance group, IAG.
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Refocus, Reframe and Reform

James Meade provides three keys to awakening creativity and driving innovation in any team. Read more »

Can autonomous vehicles become sexy?

Are autonomous vehicles the way of the future? Matthew Beck joins the debate. Read more »

The big picture – making sense of megatrends

In an era of profound change, it is vital to think ahead and predict the impact and potential of complex forces enveloping business and society. Read more »

Recipe for success – hustle, ownership and leadership

When alumnus Mike Abbott completed his undergraduate degree, his current job didn’t exist. Now he shares his tips and tricks for flourishing in tomorrow’s world. Read more »

The Madhouse Effect

World-renowned climatologist Michael Mann discusses climate change denial in the age of Trump. Read more »

The evolution of social enterprise

Food Ladder is bringing food security to communities in need through innovation and education. Read more »