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Job Smart

Job Smart

Will high scores get me my dream job?
What are employers looking for in an ideal candidate?
What are the steps in a graduate recruitment process?

Job Smart

Job Smart is an exclusive extra-curricular program for our postgraduate students right from the start of your degree. Open to all students, no additional fees to join.

With the support of globally recognised organisations, Job Smart is a unique opportunity to develop hands-on, work-relevant skills while you study.

The program allows students to complete one phase and move to the next phase each semester, to build a portfolio of work-relevant experiences from the start to finish of your degree.

Each phase of Job Smart starts week 2/3 of semester and runs for 6 weeks –session options are flexible for participants to choose from and are low time commitment.

Please note: A student cannot do multiple phases of Job Smart in the same semester.

What to expect

  • Student led: You are responsible for your own participation. Self-paced with small time commitment and no written assignments; flexibility of choice to attend each Job Smart session. There is a range of fantastic rewards based on your level of engagement.
  • Technology-based skill building: Get information about the program and upcoming events through the mobile platform. Prepare to have some fun as you also track your progress and see how your employability confidence is changing.
  • Guidance from graduate recruiters: The experience is designed and delivered by professional career counsellors, industry experts and graduate recruiters.
  • Build your professional identity: Get tips from experiences of recent graduates and young professionals. Strengthen your LinkedIn profile by participating in volunteering and other activities.
  • Fantastic rewards based on level of engagement. For participants who demonstrate a baseline requirement of engagement in Job Smart, rewards may range from certificates, to free professional coaching sessions, to networking functions and business workplace experiences.

The Job Smart advantage

  1. A professional skill building experience endorsed by globally recognised employers of choice, delivered by facilitators at the cutting edge of global graduate recruitment trends
  2. “Get out what you put in” – fantastic rewards up for grabs based on your level of engagement
  3. Develop an understanding of the current global business landscape, employment markets and recruitment processes.
  4. Network with alumni, young professionals and learn from their experiences
  5. Get feedback and career counselling sessions with experienced industry professionals on your CV, cover letter, job application and practice interviews

Katrin Springbob“Henkel is pleased to be associated with the University of Sydney Business School in enabling the next generation of international workforce. This also resonates with Henkel’s global vision of a Winning Culture, characterised by an entrepreneurial spirit and a constant drive for innovation and change. Around the world, we look for recruits and encourage employees who are self-driven and proactive, in turn enabling us to utilise the full potential of internationality and diversity. Job Smart will provide a foundational experience to local and international students looking to build a mindset of self-management, motivation and professionalism.” - Katrin Springbob, Head of Talent, Leadership & Learning Asia Pacific – Henkel

“Job Smart helps to prepare students well ahead of their career. They will be able to gain a deeper understanding of employers' requirements and, accordingly, build the necessary professional skills. The program is a good bridge for matching graduates with the opportunities of hiring companies.” - Brenda Pan, HR BP for Function Greater China – Henkel (China)

Alex Malley"We are again happy to partner with the University of Sydney Business School's Job Smart initiative because we share a commitment to supporting career advancement and stand for high professional competence. CPA Australia is one of the world's largest accounting bodies with a global membership in 120 countries. Job Smart will expose students, aspiring for CPA or other career paths, to strengthen such a foundation of competence, giving you the tools to develop and apply much needed industry-relevant skills and enable the participants to future proof their competencies looking to 2020.” - CPA Australia Chief Executive, Alex Malley congratulates the University of Sydney Business School on the ‘Job Smart’ employability initiative

Neil Govier"CFA Institute is proud to support the launch of the Job Smart at the University of Sydney Business School. A global, member-driven organization, CFA Institute promotes the highest standards of ethics, education and professional excellence for the ultimate benefit of society. We believe Job Smart will do the same for active students, accelerating their preparation for graduation, jobs, and launching their chosen career” - Neil Govier, Asia Pacific Head of Education – CFA

Lee Tonitto"The Australian Marketing Institute is delighted to be endorsing the University of Sydney Business School's professional skill building experience specializing in career-focused programs for outstanding employment outcomes. Job Smart will enlighten students to the needs of employers and potential graduate career opportunities. It will fuel progress in the careers of the next generation of professional marketers" - Lee Tonitto, Chief Executive Officer, Australian Marketing Institute

Please note that our industry partners Henkel, CPA and CFA are endorsing Job Smart from a skill development perspective, not guaranteeing any actual talent recruitment for participants.


The Job Smart program consists of multiple phases, this quick quiz will help you decide which phase you should register for.

Registrations for semester 2, 2017 open on 3rd July 2017 and close 4th August 2017.

If you have any questions please contact

Job Smart Quiz