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Leadership and Policy Seminar Series

  • Mobility as a Service: The Swedish story (thus far) Wednesday 28 November 2pm

    Göran Smith, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

    Abstract: The seminar is primarily based on extensive participatory research that Göran has conducted in Sweden, but will also include insights from Finland, Denmark and Norway. During the session, Göran … Read more

Research Seminar Series

    More seminars will be scheduled soon.

ITLS and its Board of Advice

Latest Videos

Energy Matters Speaker Series with Michiel Bliemer

Professor Michiel Bliemer discusses a fair user-pays system on Australian roads that would be acceptable to all stakeholders.
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Transition towards a fair and acceptable user-pays system on Australian roads

Professor Michiel Bliemer outlines the work he has done on how best to introduce a change to the way we pay for transport.
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Recent Podcasts

  • David Hensher - Computer modelling for transport planning. Beyond technicalities to practical applications 19 Oct 2018

  • Corinne Mulley - How do public transport fares affect travel behaviour? 4 Jun 2016