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Postgraduate Research

ITLS offers two research degrees, either full or part time, the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and the Master of Philosophy (MPhil). With so many exciting and important themes available to research and the general shortage of well-trained researchers in transport and logistics, ITLS always encourages inquiries. The Institute invites individuals with strong interests in higher level research to contact us. ITLS has a large number of research themes which we believe would make an excellent research program. These can range from highly quantitative to highly qualitative research topics with a focus on basic and applied research. Our research students become close members of ITLS and have open access to research facilities and internationally renowned academic staff in transport and logistics and our industry contacts. Facilities for research students at ITLS are excellent; each student has an individual work area, with full access to computers, printing, photocopying and the latest software packages. Students also have access to the ITLS resource collection including leading transport journals, data and other material.

Current Students | Past Higher Degree by Research Theses

Application Process

Complete details, including all relevant links and forms, can be found on the Business School Postgraduate Research web page. Applications should be made to the Business School.

The following are some important points regarding the application process:

  • Initially, an Expression of Interest (EOI) form must be completed and submitted to the Business School Research Unit. This allows the School to check that you meet the minimum academic entry requirements for the research program; that the School has the resources to support your research project to completion; and that suitable supervision is available.
  • If you are successful at the EOI stage, you will be invited to complete a formal application. This is the appropriate point to discuss research topics with potential supervisors.
  • Please pay close attention to the various due dates. Successful applicants may only commence study at the beginning of Semester 1 (early March), or Semester 2 (late July). EOI forms must be submitted by 1st September for Semester 1 and 1st March for Semester 2. Check the Closing Date web page for closing dates for the formal application.


A variety of scholarships are available, all are highly competitive. Details and links can be found at: Business School Research Scholarships


The Business School's Research Student Program Manager is the first point of contact for all prospective research students:

Room N231
H10 - Storie Dixson
University of Sydney NSW 2006
Phone: +61 2 9036 5372

For specialist advice on the scholarly aspects of your intended research please contact Dr Andrew Collins, the ITLS Postgraduate Research Coordinator (Admissions):

The contact point for existing students is the ITLS Postgraduate Research Coordinator (Progressions), Dr Rico Merkert:  

Annual Symposium

Every year our postgraduate research students organise and host a symposium to present their research. The symposium is attended by students and academics; presentations cover a variety of topics representing the range of research being conducted at ITLS. They include research on choice modelling, maritime logistics, agricultural supply chains, public transport, travel behaviour using GPS, and business responses to changes in the street space and environmental policy.

2016 Symposium Schedule and Abstracts 

2015 Symposium Schedule and Abstracts 

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2012 Symposium Schedule and Abstracts