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Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies

The Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies (ITLS) undertakes graduate teaching, management development programs, grant and contract research and development in the fields of transport and logistics studies. ITLS is part of Australia's Key Centre of Excellence in Transport Research and Education an international collaboration at three nodes: ITLS Sydney, ITS Monash and ITLS Africa.

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Upcoming Seminar

A/Prof Karen Lucas, ITS, University of Leeds

Exploring the relationship between material poverty and the travel behaviours of low income populations ...More »

11 Nov 2014 -

Our Experts

Chinh Ho
Chinh Ho

Chinh Ho is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies. Chinh specialises in individual interactions and group decision modelling, bus performance benchmarking, and experimental design. His research has awarded the John H Taplin Prize for the best paper presented at the Australasian Transport Research Forum 2012, the Innovation Grant from World Conference on Transport Research 2013 and the best paper presented at Thredbo 2013. Prior to joining ITLS, Chinh worked as a consultant to the construction and transport industry and government.

In the Media

David Hensher

Unlocking Sydney's traffic gridlock: future bottlenecks will be en route to business parks, not the CBD
The Daily Telegraph
29 Oct 2014

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Latest Working Paper

Why Chinese airlines haven’t become leading cargo carriers - analyzing air freight network and international trade drivers for mainland China

Qiang Gong, Kun Wang, Xingli Fan and Xiaowen Fu

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