Working Papers

From 2002 onwards the Key Centre's working papers are available to download from this website. Papers from 1991 to 2001 are available to purchase in hard copy, please email for purchase details.

ITLS-WP-18-01  Adobe PDF Document
Tackling road congestion – what might it look like in the future under a collaborative and connected mobility model?
David A. Hensher
Keywords: congestion, pricing and funding reform, intelligent mobility, governance, data ownership, smart cities, business models, public transport futures
ITLS-WP-18-02  Adobe PDF Document
Determinants of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system revenue and effectiveness – A global benchmarking exercise
Rico Merkert, Corinne Mulley and Md Mahbubul Hakim
Keywords: BRT, Effective bus service operation, Benchmarking, Performance measurement, DEA
ITLS-WP-18-03  Adobe PDF Document
On the stability of preferences and attitudes: a hybrid model of air travel preferences at two different points in time
Matthew J. Beck and Stephane Hess
Keywords: Hybrid choice, preference stability, panel data, stated preference, attitudinal change
ITLS-WP-18-04  Adobe PDF Document
Emerging transport technologies and the modal efficiency framework: A case for mobility as a service (MaaS)
Yale Z Wong, David A Hensher and Corinne Mulley
Keywords: mobility as a service (MaaS); transport futures; digital disruption; modal efficiency; shared mobility; road pricing
ITLS-WP-18-05  Adobe PDF Document
Commodity interaction in Freight movement models for Greater Sydney
David A Hensher, Collins Teye and Richard B. Ellison
Keywords: freight models, commodity flows, commodity generation model, logit share model, Integrated transport and location model systems
ITLS-WP-18-06  Adobe PDF Document
Gamification in transport interventions: Another way to improve travel behavioural change
Barbara T.H. Yen, Corinne Mulley and Matthew Burke
Keywords: gamification; gamified schemes; incentives; derived demand; motivation; travel demand management
ITLS-WP-18-07  Adobe PDF Document
Environmental Costs and Economics Implications of Container Shipping in the Northern Sea Route
Shengda Zhu, Xiaowen Fu, Adolf Ng and Meifeng Luo
Keywords: Northern Sea Route (NSR), arctic shipping, environmental costs
ITLS-WP-18-08  Adobe PDF Document
The impacts of airport activities on regional economy - An empirical analysis of New Zealand
Xiaowen Fu, Kan Tsui, Breno Sampaio, David Tat Wei Tan
Keywords: Airport activities; Regional economy; New Zealand; Local/regional policies
ITLS-WP-18-09  Adobe PDF Document
Modeling the Potential for Aviation Liberalization in Central Asia - Market analysis and implications for the Belt and Road initiative
Kun Wang, Xiaowen Fu, Achim I. Czerny, Guowei Hua and Zheng lei
Keywords: air transport; liberalization; Central Asia; Belt and Road
ITLS-WP-18-10  Adobe PDF Document
Do preferences for BRT and LRT change as a voter, citizen, tax payer, or self-interested resident?
Camila Balbontin, David A. Hensher, Chinh Ho and Corinne Mulley
Keywords: Bus rapid transit, light rail transit, citizen vs private preferences, cross culture contrasts, five countries, community preference model, mixed logit, willingness to pay
ITLS-WP-18-11  Adobe PDF Document
Firm-specific and location-specific drivers of business location and relocation decisions
Camila Balbontin and David A. Hensher
Keywords: business location, relocation, literature review, geographical settings, keys drivers of location decisions, decision maker
ITLS-WP-18-12  Adobe PDF Document
Consumer Surplus based Method for Quantifying and Improving the Material Flow Supply Chain Network Robustness
Supun Perera, Michael G.H. Bell, Fumitaka Kurauchi, Michiel Bliemer and Dharshana Kasthurirathna
Keywords: supply chain network; supply network topology; supply network robustness; logit model; consumer surplus
ITLS-WP-18-13  Adobe PDF Document
CORPORATE MOBILITY REVIEW How Business can Shape Mobility
Yale Z Wong
Keywords: Mobility management, Cross-sector collaboration, Business location, Digital disruption, Mobility as a service (MaaS)
ITLS-WP-18-14  Adobe PDF Document
Steady-state link travel time methods: formulation, derivation, and classification
Mark P.H. Raadsen and Michiel C.J. Bliemer
Keywords: Link Travel time, Decomposition, Link Transmission Model, Classification framework, Steady state, Network loading
ITLS-WP-18-15  Adobe PDF Document
Generalized multivariate extreme value models for explicit route choice sets
Erik-Sander Smits, Adam J. Pel, Michiel C.J. Bliemer and Bart van Arem
Keywords: Route choice, Random utility maximization, Multivariate extreme value, Generalized extreme value, Weibit, Route overlap, Heteroscedastic route utility
ITLS-WP-18-16  Adobe PDF Document
How to better represent preferences in choice models: the contributions to preference heterogeneity attributable to the presence of process heterogeneity
Camila Balbontin, David A. Hensher and Andrew T. Collins
Keywords: Travel behaviour; preference heterogeneity; multiple heuristics; risk attitudes; perceptual conditioning; value learning
ITLS-WP-18-17  Adobe PDF Document
Disaggregating the electricity sector in a CGE model to allow competition theory to explain the introduction of new technologies to the sector
Truong P. Truong and Hiroshi Hamasaki
Keywords: Electricity generation, demand loads, technology competition, CGE modelling
ITLS-WP-18-18  Adobe PDF Document
Autonomous Vehicles Down Under: An Empirical Investigation of Consumer Sentiment
Stephen Greaves, Brett Smith, Tony Arnold, Doina Olaru, and Andrew T. Collins
Keywords: Autonomous Vehicles; Consumer sentiment
ITLS-WP-18-19  Adobe PDF Document
Creation of unstructured big data from customer service: The case of parcel shipping companies on Twitter
Jyotirmoyee Bhattacharjya, Adrian Bachman Ellison, Vincent Pang, and Arda Gezdur
Keywords: unstructured big data, big social data, Twitter, parcel shipping, media richness, customer service, global logistics, logistics services, retail logistics
ITLS-WP-18-20  Adobe PDF Document
Willingness to participate in travel surveys: A cross-country and cross-methods comparison
Nina Verzosa, Stephen Greaves, Chinh Ho, and Mark Davis
Keywords: Travel Surveys; International comparisons