Working Papers

From 2002 onwards the Key Centre's working papers are available to download from this website. Papers from 1991 to 2001 are available to purchase in hard copy, please email for purchase details.

ITLS-WP-15-01  Adobe PDF Document
The Impact of Bus Rapid Transit on Housing Price and Accessibility Changes in Sydney: a Repeat Sales Approach
Corinne Mulley and Chi-Hong Tsai
Keywords: Bus, rapid transit, land value uplift, repeat sales model, accessibility value
ITLS-WP-15-02  Adobe PDF Document
Logistics challenges for China: drivers of the logistics industry growth, and bottlenecks constraining development
Zhang, Hensher and Rose
Keywords: Chinese economy, logistics, transport, bottlenecks, growth prospects
ITLS-WP-15-03  Adobe PDF Document
Greening demand chains in urban passenger transport: Emissions saving from complex trip chains
Chinh Ho and David A. Hensher
Keywords: trip chains, travel activity, CO2 emission, transport modes, tour complexity, green travel demand
ITLS-WP-15-04  Adobe PDF Document
The challenges and opportunities of in-depth analysis of multi-day and multi-year data
Claudine Moutou; Thomas Longden; Peter Stopher and Wen Liu
Keywords: life change events, socio-demographic data, travel-time stability, GPS measurement, panel data, multi-day data, longitudinal data
ITLS-WP-15-05  Adobe PDF Document
Airport capacity choice under airport-airline vertical arrangements
Yibin Xiao, Xiaowen Fu and Anming Zhang
Keywords: Airport Capacity; Airport-airline Vertical Arrangement; Demand Uncertainty Keywords
ITLS-WP-15-06  Adobe PDF Document
The challenge of obtaining ground truth for GPS processing
Peter Stopher; Li Shen; Wen Liu and A Ahmed
Keywords: challenge, ground truth, GPS, SenseCam, prompted recall
ITLS-WP-15-07  Adobe PDF Document
The influence of key determinants on consumers’ choice in tourism destination
Peter Lok, Vincent Cheng and Jo Rhodes.
Keywords: Advertising, Electronic Word-of-Mouth, Elaboration Likelihood Model (ELM), Intention to visit, Trust, Interest
ITLS-WP-15-08  Adobe PDF Document
Random regret minimisation and random utility maximisation in the presence of preference heterogeneity: An empirical contrast
David A. Hensher, William H. Greene and Chinh Ho
Keywords: random utility, random regret, random parameters, choice probability contrasts, elasticities, model comparisons
ITLS-WP-15-09  Adobe PDF Document
A simplified and practical alternative way to recognise the role of household characteristics in determining an individual’s preferences: the case of automobile choice
David A. Hensher, Chinh Ho and Matthew. J. Beck
Keywords: power weights, individual and household influence, automobile fuel choice, stated choice
ITLS-WP-15-10  Adobe PDF Document
Speeding in urban environments: Are the time savings worth the risk?
Adrian B. Ellison and Stephen Greaves
Keywords: Safety; Speeding; Crash Risk; Value of time
ITLS-WP-15-11  Adobe PDF Document
A resilient and sustainable supply chain: Is it affordable?
Behnam Fahimnia and Armin Jabbarzadeh
Keywords: Sustainability; Resilience; Supply Chain Design; Multi-Objective Mathematical Model; Sourcing; Sustainability Performance Scoring; Stochastic Fuzzy Goal Programming
ITLS-WP-15-12  Adobe PDF Document
Using complex network theory to model supply chain network resilience: a review of current literature
Supun Perera and Michael Bell
Keywords: Supply chain resilience, supply chain modelling, complex network theory
ITLS-WP-15-13  Adobe PDF Document
Using contracted assets to undertake non-contracted services as a way to improve cost efficiency under negotiated or tendered bus contracts
David A.Hensher
Keywords: bus contracts, charter kilometres, economies of scale, contracted services, benchmarking
ITLS-WP-15-14  Adobe PDF Document
Travel behaviour in the context of parcel pickups
Andrew Collins
Keywords: Parcel delivery, Collection/delivery points, Last mile, Online shopping, Mode choice, Destination choice, Trip scheduling, Trip chains, Error components logit.
ITLS-WP-15-15  Adobe PDF Document
Collecting longitudinal data from freight operators: survey design and implementation
Richard B. Ellison, Stephen P. Greaves and David A. Hensher
Keywords: Freight transport, longitudinal data, simulation, dynamic responses
ITLS-WP-15-16  Adobe PDF Document
Detecting dominancy and accounting for scale differences when using stated choice data to estimate logit models
Michiel C.J. Bliemer, John M. Rose and Casper G. Chorus
Keywords: random utility, dominant alternatives, stated choice experiments, discrete choice, regret
ITLS-WP-15-17  Adobe PDF Document
Frequency-based transit assignment revisited
Michael G. H. Bell; Michiel Bliemer and Mark Raadsen
Keywords: public transport; transit; assignment
ITLS-WP-15-18  Adobe PDF Document
Power and The Illusion of Control: Do Individual’s Correctly Anticipate How Much Influence They Have Within a Household Choice?
Matthew J. Beck and John M. Rose
Keywords: group choice, influence, power, negotiation, vehicle choice, preferences
ITLS-WP-15-19  Adobe PDF Document
Spatial variations of the effects of bus rapid transit on residential property values
Corinne Mulley
Keywords: Bus Rapid Transit; Spatial Modelling; Geographical Weighted Regression; Brisbane, land value uplift, land value capture
ITLS-WP-15-20  Adobe PDF Document
Air safety & security: Traveller perceptions post the Malaysian Air disasters
Matthew J. Beck, John M. Rose and Rico Merkert
Keywords: Airline Security, Preferences, Best Worst, International Travel, Malaysian Air, MH370, MH17