Working Papers

From 2002 onwards the Key Centre's working papers are available to download from this website. Papers from 1991 to 2001 are available to purchase in hard copy, please email for purchase details.

ITLS-WP-14-01  Adobe PDF Document
Development of an online diary for longitudinal travel / activity surveys
Stephen Greaves, Adrian B. Ellison, Richard B. Ellison, Christopher Standen, Chris Rissel and Melanie Crane
Keywords: Travel surveys; online travel diary; GPS
ITLS-WP-14-02  Adobe PDF Document
Cost efficiency under negotiated performance based contracts and benchmarking - Are there gains through competitive tendering in the absence of an incumbent public monopolist?
David A. Hensher
Keywords: bus contracts, gross and net cost efficiency, negotiated performance based contracts, competitive tendering, Australia, benchmarking, normalization
ITLS-WP-14-03  Adobe PDF Document
Capacity constrained stochastic static traffic assignment with residual point queues incorporating a proper node model
Michiel C.J. Bliemer, Mark P.H. Raadsen, Erik-Sander Smits, Bojian Zhou and Michael G.H. Bell
Keywords: Static traffic assignment, stochastic user equilibrium, capacity constrained, residual queues, node model
ITLS-WP-14-04  Adobe PDF Document
Understanding the relationship between voting preferences for public transport and perceptions and preferences for bus rapid transit versus light rail
David A. Hensher, Corinne Mulley and John M. Rose
Keywords: Bus rapid transit, light rail transit, perceptions, buy in, voting preferences, service attributes, design attributes
ITLS-WP-14-05  Adobe PDF Document
Two new methods for solving the path-based stochastic user equilibrium problem
Bojian Zhou, Michiel Bliemer, Michael Bell and Jie He
Keywords: Stochastic user equilibrium, two level, partial linearization, Lagrange dual, method of successive averages
ITLS-WP-14-06  Adobe PDF Document
Modeling the impacts of alternative emission trading schemes on international shipping
Kun Wang, Xiaowen Fu and Meifeng Luo
Keywords: Shipping industry, open and closed Emission Trading Scheme (ETS), carbon emission
ITLS-WP-14-07  Adobe PDF Document
Housing prices and price endogeneity in tenure and dwelling type choice models
Chinh Ho and David Hensher
Keywords: Dwelling prices, hedonic price, choice models, endogenity, integrated transport and land use models
ITLS-WP-14-08  Adobe PDF Document
A unified framework for traffic assignment: deriving static and quasi-dynamic models consistent with general first order dynamic traffic assignment models
Michiel C.J. Bliemer, Mark P.H. Raadsen, Luuk Brederode, Michael G.H. Bell and Luc J.J. Wismans
Keywords: Traffic assignment, unified framework, dynamic and static, first order, generalised link transmission model, residual queues
ITLS-WP-14-09  Adobe PDF Document
Recognising the irrelevance of statewise-dominated alternatives in defining the composition of a choice set
David A. Hensher and Chinh Ho
Keywords: best-worst, first best, second best, choice models, choice sets, full rank, Irrelevance of statewise-dominated alternatives, road pricing reform, choice experiment
ITLS-WP-14-10  Adobe PDF Document
An efficient event-based algorithm for solving first order dynamic network loading problems
Mark P.H. Raadsen, Michiel C.J. Bliemer and Michael G.H. Bell
Keywords: Dynamic network loading, first order, generalised link transmission model, event-based, fast approximate solution
ITLS-WP-14-11  Adobe PDF Document
Managing and measuring sustainability performance of supply chains
Mohsen Varsei, Claudine Soosay, Behnam Fahimnia and Joseph Sarkis
Keywords: Sustainability assessment, supply chain sustainability performance, supply chain management, multidimensional framework, performance measurement, supply chain design
ITLS-WP-14-12  Adobe PDF Document
Open access for railways and transaction cost economics - management perspectives of Australia's rail companies
Rico Merkert and David A. Hensher
Keywords: Railways, open access, competition, train operation / rail infrastructure interface, supply chain integration
ITLS-WP-14-13  Adobe PDF Document
The influence of online reviews on decision making - implications to the travel industry
Peter Lok, Glenn Asano and Jo Rhodes
Keywords: Brand trust, consumer equity, online reviews, value
ITLS-WP-14-14  Adobe PDF Document
An investigation of taste and reference dependence heterogeneity
Andrew Collins and John Rose
Keywords: Reference dependence, loss aversion, gain seeking, value of time.
ITLS-WP-14-15  Adobe PDF Document
The Role of Source Preference and Subjective Probability in Valuing Expected Travel Time Savings
David A. Hensher, Zheng Li and Chinh Ho
Keywords: travel time variability, risk, uncertainty, subjective probability, uncertainty aversion, source preference, value of expected travel time savings
ITLS-WP-14-16  Adobe PDF Document
Linking Discrete Choice to Continuous Demand in a Spatial Computable General Equilibrium Model
Truong P. Truong and David A. Hensher
Keywords: Discrete choice; continuous demand; computable general equilibrium model; wider economic impact of transport investment
ITLS-WP-14-17  Adobe PDF Document
Port Investments on Coastal and Marine Disasters Prevention: An Economic and Policy Investigation
Yi-bin Xiao, Xiaowen Fu, Adolf K.Y. Ng and Anming Zhang
Keywords: Disaster prevention; Investment timing; Benefit spillover; Investment coordination; Information accumulation
ITLS-WP-14-18  Adobe PDF Document
Willingness to accept longer commutes for better salaries: understanding the differences within and between couples
Matthew J. Beck and Stephane Hess
ITLS-WP-14-19  Adobe PDF Document
Value creation using social media in a virtual business model: how Amazon approaches customer service on twitter
Jyotirmoyee Bhattacharjya, Sonali Tripathi, Adrian B Ellison and Nuntikorn Kitratporn
Keywords: customer service, social media, virtual business, value creation, e-word of mouth
ITLS-WP-14-20  Adobe PDF Document
Why Chinese airlines haven’t become leading cargo carriers - analyzing air freight network and international trade drivers for mainland China
Qiang Gong, Kun Wang, Xingli Fan and Xiaowen Fu
Keywords: air freight, network, Chinese airlines, international cargo flow
ITLS-WP-14-21  Adobe PDF Document
Analysing air operators’ managerial perceptions of incentives for competing for regional PSO air services within Europe
Rico Merkert and Basil O'Fee
Keywords: Regional aviation, PSO air services, incentives, contracts, trust, route development, competition
ITLS-WP-14-22  Adobe PDF Document
Constrained stated choice experimental designs
Andrew Collins, Michiel Bliemer and John Rose
Keywords: Experimental design, constraints, attribute level balance, d-error, stated choice experiments
ITLS-WP-14-23  Adobe PDF Document
Not too late to learn from the Sydney Olympics experience: Opportunities offered by multimodality in current transport policy
Corinne Mulley and Claudine Moutou
Keywords: Sydney Olympics; Transport planning; Policy learnings; Multimodality
ITLS-WP-14-24  Adobe PDF Document
How green is a lean supply chain?
Behnam Fahimnia, Joseph Sarkis and Ali Eshragh
Keywords: Green Supply Chain; Environmental Sustainability; Lean; Agile; Flexible; Nonlinear Mathematical Programming; Cross-Entropy Method; Case Study
ITLS-WP-15-01  Adobe PDF Document
The Impact of Bus Rapid Transit on Housing Price and Accessibility Changes in Sydney: a Repeat Sales Approach
Corinne Mulley and Chi-Hong Tsai
Keywords: Bus, rapid transit, land value uplift, repeat sales model, accessibility value