Working Papers

From 2002 onwards the Key Centre's working papers are available to download from this website. Papers from 1991 to 2001 are available to purchase in hard copy, please email for purchase details.

ITLS-WP-17-01  Adobe PDF Document
Strategic Management of Integrated Public Transport and its Value in the Air Bus Service Context
Merkert and Beck
Keywords: Integrated transport strategy, aviation, choice analysis, willingness to pay, mobility as a service
ITLS-WP-17-02  Adobe PDF Document
Modeling the effects of unilateral and uniform emission regulations under shipping company and port competition
Sheng, Li, Fu and Gillen
Keywords: Unilateral and uniform emission regulations; shipping company and port competition; market equilibrium
ITLS-WP-17-03  Adobe PDF Document
Heterogeneity in decision processes: Embedding extremeness aversion, risk attitude and perceptual conditioning in multiple heuristics choice making
Hensher, Balbontin and Collins
Keywords: multiple heuristics, risk attitude, perceptual conditioning, extended expected utility theory, extremeness aversion, fully compensatory choices, toll road choices, value of travel time savings
ITLS-WP-17-04  Adobe PDF Document
The South Eastern BRT Network in Brisbane, Australia: How much is added to residential house values as a result of the network effect?
Mulley, Sampaio and Ma
Keywords: BRT, network effect, value uplift, difference in differences modelling
ITLS-WP-17-05(1)  Adobe PDF Document
Continuous-time general link transmission model with simplified fanning, Part I: Theory and link model formulation
Michiel C.J. Bliemer and Mark P.H. Raadsen
Keywords: Kinematic wave theory, link transmission model, nonlinear concave fundamental diagram, on-the-fly linearization, simplified fanning, shockwave theory, event-based algorithm
ITLS-WP-17-05(2)  Adobe PDF Document
Continuous-time general link transmission model with simplified fanning, Part II: Event-based algorithm for networks
Mark P.H. Raadsen and Michiel C.J. Bliemer
Keywords: Continuous-time grid free solution scheme, general link transmission model, macroscopic dynamic network loading, simplified fanning, event-based algorithm
ITLS-WP-17-06  Adobe PDF Document
Assessment of the Hunter Valley Coal Export Supply Chain
Boland, Reisi and Savelsbergh
Keywords: Supply Chain Optimisation _ Integer Programming _ Coal Export
ITLS-WP-17-07  Adobe PDF Document
Smartphone-based Travel Surveys: A Review
Nina Verzosa, Stephen Greaves, Richard Ellison
Keywords: Smartphones, travel surveys, data collection
ITLS-WP-17-08  Adobe PDF Document
Shipping network design in a growth market: The case of Indonesia
Ningwen Tu, Dimas Adiputranto, Xiaowen Fu and Zhi-Chun Li
Keywords: Shipping network design, OD demand estimation, shipping cost, hub port, international gateway, Indonesia
ITLS-WP-17-09  Adobe PDF Document
Airline Horizontal Mergers and Productivity: Empirical Evidence from a Natural Experiment in China
Jia Yan, Xiaowen Fu, Tae Hoon Oum and Kun Wang
Keywords: horizontal merger; productive efficiency; airline mergers
ITLS-WP-17-10  Adobe PDF Document
Risky Weighting in Discrete Choice
Baibing Li and David A. Hensher
Keywords: cumulative prospect theory; discrete choice analysis, risk perception; road tolling; travel time
ITLS-WP-17-11  Adobe PDF Document
Data challenges: more behavioural and (relatively) less statistical – a think piece
David A. Hensher
Keywords: data challenges, behavioural response, new survey content, behavioural insight, risk, uncertainty, herding, choice experiment complexity and relevance
ITLS-WP-17-12  Adobe PDF Document
Choice Modelling With Time-varying Attributes, With an Application to Train Crowding
Andrew T. Collins and David A. Hensher
Keywords: Train crowding, time-varying attributes, intra-trip crowding variability, inter-trip crowding variability, discrete choice experiment, value of travel time savings
ITLS-WP-17-13  Adobe PDF Document
Getting off the greenhouse gas: Public transport’s potential contribution in Australian cities
John Stanley, Richard Ellison, Chris Loader and David A. Hensher
Keywords: Climate change, fuel tax, greenhouse gas emissions, emissions intensity, travel behaviour change, vehicle kilometres travel
ITLS-WP-17-14  Adobe PDF Document
How well does BRT perform in contrast to LRT? An Australian case study using MetroScan_TI
David A. Hensher, Richard Ellison, Chinh Quoc Ho and Glen Weisbrod
Keywords: MetroScan, integrated transport and land use, demand applications, benefit-cost analysis, economic impact analysis, bus rapid transit, light rail transit, Australian case study
ITLS-WP-17-15  Adobe PDF Document
Barriers and facilitators of integration between buses with a higher level of service and rail: An Australian case study
Geoffrey Clifton and Corinne Mulley
Keywords: Bus, Buses with a high level of service, Rail, Transfer, Passenger value chain, Travel time, Frequency, Connectivity
ITLS-WP-17-16  Adobe PDF Document
The Thredbo story: A journey of competition and ownership in land passenger transport
Yale Z Wong and David A Hensher
Keywords: Thredbo series; public transport; deregulation; contracting; tendering; negotiation; STO framework; trusting partnerships
ITLS-WP-17-17  Adobe PDF Document
Will bus travellers walk further for a more frequent service? An international study using a stated preference approach
Corinne Mulley, Chinh Ho, Loan Ho, David A Hensher and John Rose
Keywords: Network planning, walk distance to bus stop, walk distance frequency trade-off, stated choice experiment
ITLS-WP-17-18  Adobe PDF Document
Mobility as a Service for the older population: a transport solution to land use changes in essential services?
Corinne Mulley, John D Nelson and Steven D Wright
Keywords: Mobility as a service (MaaS), Community Transport, land use changes, equity impacts, travel behaviour of older people
ITLS-WP-17-19  Adobe PDF Document
A radical reappraisal of transport and land market basics
Alastair Stone
Keywords: Product; goal; social; utility; ecology; Phronesis; governance; scale
ITLS-WP-17-20  Adobe PDF Document
Sustainability Analysis under Disruption Risks
Behnam Fahimnia, Armin Jabbarzadeh and Fatemeh Sabouhi
Keywords: Supply Chain Management; Resilience; Disruption; Sustainability; Optimisation
ITLS-WP-17-21  Adobe PDF Document
Dynamic responses of freight operators to government policies: a latent curve modelling approach
Richard B. Ellison, Stephen P. Greaves and David A. Hensher
Keywords: Freight transport, Government policies, Dynamic decision making, Congestion charge, Low Emission Zone