Working Papers

From 2002 onwards the Key Centre's working papers are available to download from this website. Papers from 1991 to 2001 are available to purchase in hard copy, please email for purchase details.

ITLS-WP-16-01  Adobe PDF Document
Genetics of traffic assignment models for strategic transport planning
Bliemer, Raadsen, Brederode, Bell, Wisemans and Smith
Keywords: Traffic assignment, strategic transport planning, spatial and temporal interaction assumptions, fundamental diagram, model capabilities
ITLS-WP-16-02  Adobe PDF Document
Entry patterns of low-cost carriers in Hong Kong and implications to the regional market
Kung Wang, Kan Wai Hong Tsui, Liping Liang and Xiaowen Fu
Keywords: Traffic volume changes; Route entry; Low-cost carriers; Hong Kong
ITLS-WP-16-03  Adobe PDF Document
How much is too much for tolled road users: toll saturation and the implications for car commuting value of travel time savings?
David A. Hensher, Chinh Ho and Wen Liu
Keywords: toll saturation, budget constraint, multiple toll roads, value of travel time savings, new empirical evidence
ITLS-WP-16-04  Adobe PDF Document
Modeling airport capacity choice with real options
Yibin Xiao, Xiaowen Fu, Tae H. Oum and Jia Yan
Keywords: Airport capacity choice; Capacity investment; Real option; Demand uncertainty
ITLS-WP-16-05  Adobe PDF Document
Disruption Costs in Bus Contract Transitions
David A. Hensher, Chinh Ho and Corinne M. Mulley
Keywords: Contract transition, Disruption costs, Stated choice, Offer assessors, Mixed logit, Bus contracts
ITLS-WP-16-06  Adobe PDF Document
Experience conditioning in modal choice modelling – Does it make a difference?
David A. Hensher and Chinh Q. Ho
Keywords: Experience conditioning, revealed preferences, frequency of use, mode choice, willingness to pay, elasticities
ITLS-WP-16-07  Adobe PDF Document
Productivity foregone corrections of the value of business travel time savings
Baojin Wang and David A. Hensher
Keywords: value of business travel time savings, The Hensher equation, productivity in travel, project evaluation
ITLS-WP-16-08  Adobe PDF Document
Social marketing and the built environment: What matters for travel behaviour change?
Liang Ma, Corinne Mulley and Wen Liu
Keywords: Social Marketing; Built Environment; Travel Behaviour; Difference-in-Differences
ITLS-WP-16-09  Adobe PDF Document
Joint estimation of mode and time of day choice accounting for arrival time flexibility, travel time reliability and crowding on public transport
Chinh Q. Ho and David A. Hensher
Keywords: MetroScan; Mode and departure time choice models; Travel time reliability; Crowding; Arrival time flexibility; Operational travel demand models