Transport Opinion Survey (TOPS)

The ITLS Transport Opinion Survey (TOPS) is a biannual survey of Australians' thoughts about transport. Do Australians think transport is getting better in their local area? How confident are Australians that transport will improve in the short-term and long-term in Australia? What is the highest priority issue in transport for Australians? Is the state or federal government considered most responsible for transport? Should the private sector be more involved in the provision of public transport? TOPS tracks changes in Australians' confidence and sentiment about transport every other quarter, and compares NSW with other states.

Hensher, D.A. and Daniels, R. (2011) Monitoring community views on transport confidence over time: the quarterly Transport Opinion Survey (TOPS) Proceedings of the 34th Australasian Transport Research Forum ATRF 2011, Adelaide, Australia, 28-30 September

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TOPS Results Graph

Further information on the above figure may be found in the TOPS results reports provided below.

March 2015


Despite political promises Confidence in a brighter transport future plummets - survey

[Media Release]

September 2014


More than one third of Australian could cut traffic congestion by working from home

[Media Release]

March 2014


Australians support road usage charges over fixed rego fee

[Media Release] 

September 2013


Light rail and bus rapid transport cause for optimism in Australian public transport

[Media Release]

March 2013


Peak hour congestion a matter of choice for many drivers national survey

[Media Release] 

September 2012


Overcrowding 'intolerable' complain nation's train travellers

[Media Release] 

March 2012


Taxi services are deteriorating in the eyes of users

[Media Release] 

December 2011


Australians prefer investment in urban rail over high speed services

[Media Release]

September 2011


Australians reject carbon tax on bus fuel

[Media Release]

June 2011


Victorians suffer post-election drop in national transport poll

[Media Release]

Presentation on TOPS to Bus NSW Leading Edge Seminar, 8 July 2011 - Dr Rhonda Daniels

March 2011


NSW residents not optimistic about short-term transport improvements

[Media Release]

December 2010


Support for private sector role in public transport varies across states

[Media Release] 

September 2010


Transport still considered a state government issue

[Media Release] 

June 2010


Public transport is top transport concern for Australians

[Media Release]

March 2010


Transport confidence survey highlights national concern

[Media Release]

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Survey finds support for road charging reform
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ITLS Transport Opinion Survey - results from Mar 2013 quarter
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Transport hopes heading south
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NSW: Taxi services not getting better: survey
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Public transport gloom
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More than 50 percent of Sydney-siders are unhappy with taxi services
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Dream on, commuter
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Commuters unhappy with taxis
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Cabs rankle with customers
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latest quarterly transport survey from Sydney
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National survey finds confidence in Queensland taxi industry lowest out of all states
The Courier Mail, Queensland 29 Mar 2012

Service not roadworthy
Newcastle Herald 29 Mar 2012

More than 50 percent of Sydney-siders are unhappy with taxi services
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Sydney residents are increasingly unhappy with taxi services.
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Taxi services not getting better: survey
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Taxi services not getting better: survey
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Taxi services not getting better: survey
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Taxi services not getting better: survey
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A LOT of people are unhappy with the taxi services available to them, a study has found - and they don't see things getting any better.
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Taxi services not getting better: survey
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Taxi services not getting better: Survey
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A Sydney University study has found that many Sydneysiders are unhappy
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ITLS quarterly national transport survey
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Queenslanders confident
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Public unhappy with transport
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Survey shows strong rejection of carbon tax on bus fuel
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National Brief
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Interview with ITLS Director, Professor David Hensher
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Australians reject carbon tax on bus fuel
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Commuters want carbon tax exemption for buses
Australasian Bus and Coach 27 Sep 2011

Report: Australians reject carbon tax on bus fuel
Social Development Council News 27 Sep 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel on transport
Australian Financial Review 23 Jun 2011

CONFIDENCE in public transport has plunged since the election of the Baillieu Government
Herald Sun 23 Jun 2011

Victoria suffers post-election 'depression'
Australasian Bus and Coach 22 Jun 2011

Fix trains, then roads: Commuters
The Age 10 Apr 2011

Labor's failure writ large in transport debacle
Sydney Morning Herald 02 Apr 2011

NSW election: Low mood unlikely to lift
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NSW Coalition promises...
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Barry express
mX Sydney 22 Mar 2011

Freight task not on the radar, survey finds
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NSW not confident about transport
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NSW sees transport problem will continue in near term
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Survey results turn up good and bad
Australasian Bus and Coach magazine, reproduced with permission 01 Jan 2011

More creative solutions needed to fix road and rail
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Bus and train use up as car numbers rise but trips fall
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Voters lose faith on transport
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Bad to worse: Woeful opinion about NSW transport
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Transport not improving, say users
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Transport stalled with no improvement seen
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Brisbane bus system leads the world
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Aussies despair at quality of public transport
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