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BUSS1900 Mandatory Test

Welcome to the University of Sydney Business School. We are very happy that you are joining us in what promises to be another exciting year of many opportunities.

As indicated in the information about your Commerce degree enrolment, all commencing undergraduate students in the Business School are automatically enrolled in the learning support Unit of Study, BUSS1900 Managing Business Communications. The aim of this unit is to provide additional support, if considered needed, for developing effective written communication skills while making the transition to university. This is part of the Business School's wider commitment to provide as much learning support as possible to our students from the outset of their degree (and beyond).

Whilst all students are automatically enrolled in BUSS1900, not all will remain in the unit following the mandatory pre-semester business written communication test that must be done by every commencing student during Orientation Week. Following the test you will be notified by the office of the Business Programs Unit to let you know if you will remain enrolled in BUSS1900 for Semester One or if you have been withdrawn from the Unit of Study.