Co-operatives Research Group

Co-operatives Research Group

The Co-operatives Research Group provides a forum for research into and teaching about all forms of mutual organisations, including; consumer, social, worker, finance, producer co-operatives and other membership based democratic organisations. The Group aims to shape and inform public policy debate on the co-operative sector and the contribution it makes and has the potential to make to social and economic development. It is the goal of the Group to become the focal point for all Co-operative Research being undertaken in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region.

Upcoming Events

Consumer Co-operatives in Australia, the USA and China: Reflections on the Global History of Consumer Co-operation Project

The seminar brings together the Australian contributors to the project who will reflect on the project and discuss specific findings regarding Australia, the US and China:

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‘Co-operatives from Below: Forming and Sustaining New Co-operatives’ Symposium

How do you form a co-operative? What are the challenges that new co-operatives face?

The third annual joint research symposium of the CO-OPS NSW and the University of Sydney Business School’s Co-operatives Research Group will explore these issues with speakers from academia and industry.

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Research Project

Co-operatives in Australia: Growth, decline and revival (2017)

Investigator/s: Gregory Patmore, Olivera Marjanovic, Nikola Balnave

Co-operatives in Australia: Growth, decline and revival. The project aims to investigate the development of the co-operative business model in Australia before 2012, the UN International Year of Co-operatives. It will construct a Visual Atlas of Australian Co-operatives that charts the clustering, growth, decline and revival of Australian co-operatives, and study Australian agricultural and consumer co-operatives. It will construct a long-term historical framework that explains the growth, decline and revival of the business model of co-operatives. The project aims to help policy makers to enhance consumer choice about healthy food and make Australian agriculture more internationally competitive through the co-operative business model.