Co-operatives Research Group Symposium - Co-operatives, Energy and Sustainability

3rd Sep 2012  09:15 am - 3rd Sep 2012 04:00 pm

This symposium explores the role that co-operatives can play in energy generation and ensuring sustainability. The keynote speaker is Pier Angelo Mori, who is a Professor of Economics at the University of Florence and leading expert on power co-operatives. There will be a number of issues discussed including current technology and the applicability of the co-operative model to energy generation, particularly at a community Level. There will be a presentation on Australia's first energy sector co-operative and also a view from the non-coop energy private sector.

Download presentations:

Co-operatives Research Group Symposium - Community Based Demand Response

Investor perceptions relating to small and large scale renewable energy

Hepburn Wind - Australia's first co-operative in the energy sector

Collaborative Sustainability