Entrepreneurship & Innovation Research Group (EIRG)

The EIRG was recently renamed to sit with our overall program branding. Professor Sid Gray and Dr Richard Seymour have led the Group since its inception in 2007.

The group is a cross-disciplinary team of researchers that focuses on business innovation and entrepreneurial ventures and people. Members concentrate on entrepreneurship and innovation and how they manifest in the context of new markets, new products, and new business processes.

The EIRG recognises that the process of identifying and exploiting new opportunities requires a number of participants including creative individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, investors, educators and government agencies. The EIRG aims to be the conduit to help members engage deeply with the entrepreneurial community. The Research Group has as its objectives to:

  • Facilitate research into innovation and entrepreneurship though the creation and support of a network of scholars and institutions, and publishing the results of this research.
  • Disseminate research among scholars, students and the wider community.
  • Support, through research, the teaching and outreach activities of the University across the region.
  • Assist members securing research grants and funding.