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University of Sydney Business School Industry Partnership Grant 2015

Western Australian Prison Officers Union (WAPOU)

The Costs, Performance, Efficiency and Accountability of Australian Private Prisons

Jane Andrew; Max Baker


Project Summary

The aim of the project is to examine the costs, performance, efficiency and accountability of Australian private prisons. The project draws on publicly available data from a range of sources which include each State government treasury budgets, annual reports from private operators, inspectors, Ombudsman and Auditor Generals as well as research, media and independent inquiries. The project has developed the following outcomes 1. A comprehensive database populated with publicly available data on private prisons within Australia. 2. A State of the Nation report which reviews the regulatory oversight and publicly available information on the costs, performance, efficiency and accountability of all private prisons on a state by state basis. The project will inform the current and future debates surrounding State Government prison policy.

Prison Privatisation in Australia: The State of the Nation

1 May 2015 - 30 April 2016 $80,000