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Past PhD Theses


Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Lisa Marini

Accountability and transparency surrounding microloan disclosure practices

2017 Sandra van der Laan; Jane Andrew
Le Ma Two studies on intangible assets: its management and economic impact Available 2017 Demetris Christodoulou; Andrey Vasnev
Puja Devendra Ladva All Your Time, All The Time: A Critical Ethnography in a Knowledge-intensive Firm Available 2015 Assoc Prof Jane Andrew; Dr Cornelia Beck
Rosyln Anne Roberts Goodwill Impairment: A study of Australian Companies 2007 - 2013 Available 2015 Dr M. Shumi Akhtar; Prof Suresh Cuganesan
Milica Simic Misic Crossing a Threshold: Using the SOLO Taxonomy and Exemplars to Facilitate Students' Conceptual Understanding of Depreciation in Introductory Accounting Available 2015 Assoc Prof Rosina Mladenovic; Dr Amani Bell
Cameron Esslemont A disjointed incremental discourse to visualise assurance of learning Available 2014 Professor Graeme Dean;
Associate Professor Sandy van der Laan
Chang-Yuan Loh Factors influencing the decision-making of third party consultants in the context of evaluating escalation of commitment Available 2014 Dr Rodney Coyte;
Professor Mandy Cheng (UNSW)
Lachlan Tuite International Accounting Standards And Financial Stability 2013 Professor Graeme Dean;
Professor Sue Newberry
Anna Young On trying to make investment responsible: an analysis of integrating environmental, social, and corporate governance issues into institutional investment processes Available 2013 Prof John Roberts;
Dr Christina Boedker
Max Baker The role of accounting in enabling strategic corporate social responsibility: A functionalist, critical and post-modern reading of a case study Available 2013 Prof John Roberts; Prof Sven Modell
Matthew Egan Water management and accounting change: a study of food and beverage producing organisations Available 2012 Assoc Prof Geoff Frost
Ronia Ram Development of the International Financial Reporting Standard for Small and Medium-sized Entities Available 2012 Prof Sue Newberry
John Milne The Political Processes and Role Of Gatekeepers in Setting Accounting Standards for Agriculture Available 2011 Prof Bob Walker
Henry Leung Security Analysts? Earnings Forecasts: Distributions Normality and a Comparative Analysis of Fitted Distribution Types in the Development of a Surrogate Consensus Available 2011 Assoc Prof Philip Lee
Vijaya Murthy Narratives on managerial mobilisation of Non-financial Performance Information in a financial institution Available 2011 Prof James Guthrie
Subhash Abhayawabsa Sell-side analysts' use and communication of intellectual capital information Available 2010 Prof James Guthrie
James Gifford Effective shareholder engagement Available 2010 Prof Stewart Jones
Sandra van der Laan An Inefficient Deregulatory Initiative: The Australian Class Order Deed of Cross Guarantee Available 2009 Prof Graeme Dean; Prof Stewart Jones; Dr Demetris Christodoulou
Suzanne Ryan Academic Business: Tensions between academic values and corporatisation of Australian higher education in graduate schools fo business Available 2009 Prof James Guthrie
Linda English Public Private Partnerships: Modernisation in the Australian Public Sector Available 2008 Prof James Guthrie; Sue Newberry
John Dumay Intellectual capital in action: Australian studies Available 2008 Prof James Guthrie
Laurence Lock Lee Corporate Social Capital and Firm Performance in the Global Information Technology Services Sector Available 2008 Prof James Guthrie
Isabel Gordon A Comparative Study of Pension Accounting in Australia and the USA: Applying the "Economic Substance Over Legal Form" Principle Available 2007 Prof James Guthrie
John Staunton Exiting Intellectual Grooves in the Reporting of Liabilities Available 2006 Prof Graeme Dean
Robyn Pilcher Examining the Usefulness of Transport Infrastructure Accounting in Local Authorities Available 2006 Prof Graeme Dean

Business Analytics

Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Cheng Qian Multidimensional Bidding and Negotiation in Supplier Selection Available 2015 Prof Eddie Anderson
Christian Contino A Bayesian approach to risk management in a world of high-frequency data Available 2015 Prof Richard Gerlach
Chao Wang Bayesian parametric and semi-parametric financial tail-risk forecasting incorporating range and realized measures Available 2015 Prof Richard Gerlach; Dr Boris Choy
Fujie Xia Topics in dependence modelling Available 2014 Assoc Prof Artem Prokhorov; Dr Quan Gan
Lusheng Shao Competitive Bidding in Supply Chains Available 2014 Prof Eddie Anderson ; Dr Erick Li
Nuttanan Wichitaksorn Bayesian Analysis of Financial Time Series Models and Limited Dependent Variable Models using Symmetric and Asymmetric Distributions 2013 Dr Boris Choy; Assoc Prof Richard Gerlach
Brent Hudson Modelling the Covariance Dynamics of Multivariate Financial Time Series Available 2011 Assoc Prof Richard Gerlach
Qian Chen Bayesian Methods for Estimation, Inference and Forecasting of Flexible Models for Value-at-Risk and Tail Conditional Expectations Available 2011 Prof Eddie Anderson
San-Nah Sze A study on multi-trip vehicle routing problem with time windows and meal break considerations Available 2011 Dr Ada Ng
Anastasios Panagiotelis Bayesian Estimation of Flexible Multivariate Econometric Models Available 2009 Prof Michael Smith; Assoc Prof Richard Gerlach
Stephanie de Silva On the Specificity and Performance of Panel Unit Root Tests Available 2008 Andrew Tremayne; Dr Vasilis Sarafidis

Business Information Systems

Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Ella Hafermalz The performative office: A multi-case problematization of remote working Available 2016 Kai Riemer; Bradon Ellem
Maxim Soyref The holistic management of information security processes Available 2014 Assoc Prof Philip Seltsikas; Prof Tyrone Carlin
Jeffrey Lim Decision Making under Uncertainty: An Investigation into the Effects of Decision Context, Information Characteristics and Decision Aid on Performance 2012 Prof Marcus O'Connor
Paul Scifleet Making Sense of Digital Documentary Practice: A common denominator for discourse 2010 Prof Susan P. Williams
Samantha Lee Advice giving: A theory of advice formulation Available 2009 Prof Marcus O'Connor
Rohit Dhawan Neural networks in time series forecasting Available 2008 Prof Marcus O'Connor
Rajat Dhawan Stochastic approach to system dynamics and its effect on managerial decision making Available 2008 Prof Marcus O'Connor; Dr Mark Borman
Janine Holgate Governance Arrangements for Enterprise Information Protection: An Australian Critical Infrastructure Perspective Available 2008 Assoc Prof Sue Williams; Dr Catherine Hardy
Gary Oliver Information Sharing Available 2007 Prof Marcus O'Connor


Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Jo Zhang An Empirical Investigation On The Post-Earnings Announcement Drift And AlgorithmicTrading 2017 Douglas Foster; Joakim Westerholm
Sol Chung Equity-Based Compensation for Executives and Firm Performance: Evidence from Australia Available 2017 Susan Thorp
He Huang The welfare implications of CDS trading 2017 Jiri Svec; Andrew Ainsworth
Ye Ye Strategic behaviour in corporations 2017 Shumi Akhtar
Bochen Wu Intangible assets and financial analysts herding behavior 2017 Juan Yao; David Johnstone
Benjamin Curtin A Framework for the Valuation of Loss of a Commercial Opportunity Available 2016 Prof David Johnstone; Assoc Prof Graham Partington
Daniel Maroney Price Discovery and the Influence of the ASX Continuous Disclosure Regulation Available 2015 Assoc Prof Suk-Joong Kim; Dr Elvis Jarnecic; Prof Stephen Satchell
Jue Wang The Pricing of Sovereign Credit Risk: Theory and Applications Available 2014 Dr Jiri Svec; Assoc Prof Maurice Peat
Sean Foley The impact of regulation on market quality Available 2014 Dr Angelo Aspris
Rizwan Rahman Market Integrity Issues in Financial Markets Available 2014 Prof Andrew Lepone; Dr Angelo Aspris
Peter Edney Liquidity Risk and Bank Regulation: Basel III and Beyond Available 2014 Assoc Prof Maurice Peat; Dr Hamish Malloch
Alexander Sacco Order Submission Strategy and Market Structure Available 2014 Dr Angelo Aspris; Prof Andrew Lepone
Yubo Liu Essays on Institutional Trading and Order Flow Competition in Equity Markets Available 2014 Assoc Prof Suk-Joong Kim; Dr Elvis Jarnecic
Adam Corbett Essays on Equity Portfolio Management Available 2014 Dr Andrew Ainsworth; Prof Stephen Satchell
Maria Jahromi Essays on Islamic Assets Available 2014 Dr M. Shumi Akhtar; Assoc Prof Barry Oliver
Kassim Durrani Australian Bank Credit Risk Management: A Regulatory Examination of Provisioning, Capital Adequacy & Stress-Testing Available 2013 Assoc Prof Maurice Peat; Dr Jiri Svec
Thu Phuong Pham Essays on Stock Exchange Transparency 2013 Joakim Westerholm
Annica Rose An Analysis of Investor Trading Behaviour and Its Impact on Trade Execution, Market Quality and Stock Returns Available 2013 Assoc Prof Joakim Westerholm
Wang Wei Essays on Information Asymmetry and Price Impact in Market Microstructure Available 2013 Dr Quan Gan
Kevin Liu Australian Superannuation: Operational Structure, Investment Performance and Trustee Governance Available 2013 Prof Michael McKenzie; Dr Reuben Segara
Abraham Akra Modelling the Four-Party Billing Payment Scheme: The Case of BPAY Available 2013 Dr Maxwell Stevenson; Assoc Prof Maurice Peat
Bruno Rodrigues An Investment Strategy for Prediction of Takeover Targets using High Frequency Data Available 2013 Dr Maxwell Stevenson; Assoc Prof Maurice Peat
Craig Mellare Three Essays on Pricing and Market Behaviour around Corporate Acts and Information Releases Available 2013 Prof Alex Frino
Min Zhu Return predictability and its implications for portfolio selection Available 2012 Dr Maxwell Stevenson
Richard Philip Doubling Times in Finance Available 2012 Assoc Prof Graham
Jun George Li Financial Market Intermediaries and Information Asymmetry in Equity Markets Available 2011 Dr Andrew Lepone
Steven Lecce Supply Chain Disruption Costs Study in International Containerised Maritime Transportation Available 2011 Prof Andrew Lepone; Dr Reuben Segara; Dr Angelo Aspris
Brad Wong The Interaction between Informed and Uninformed Agents in Securities Markets Available 2011 Prof Alex Frino
Maria Kim The dynamic prediction of company failure - the influence of time, the economy and non-linearity Available 2011 Assoc Prof Graham Partington; Prof Stewart Jones
Frank Sensenbrenner Three Essays on Informed Trading Available 2011 Dr Kerry Pattenden
Hee Soo Lee Evaluation of Financial Risk of Hedge Funds and Funds-of-Hedge Funds Available 2010 Dr Maxwell Stevenson; Dr Juan Yao
Huong Dieu Dang Rating History, Time and The Dynamic Estimation of Rating Migration Hazard Available 2010 Assoc Prof Graham Partington
Hamish Malloch The valuation of options on traded accounts: continuous and discrete time models Available 2010 Assoc Prof Peter Buchen
Danika Wright Heterogeneous asset pricing: An examination of the Australian residential real estate market Available 2010 Dr Maurice Peat
Abhishek Das Essays on Hedge Funds: Performance and Trading Strategies Available 2009 Dr Elvis Jarnecic; Prof Alex Frino
Talis Putnins Closing price manipulation and the integrity of stock exchanges Available 2009 Assoc Prof Carole Comerton-Forde
Jennifer Kruk Execution costs in money and futures markets Available 2009 Prof Alex Frino
James Cummings Three essays on price formation and liquidity in financial futures markets Available 2008 Prof Alex Frino
Andrew Grant Statistical and Financial Evaluation of Subjective Probability Forecasts: Empirical Applications in Betting Markets Available 2008 Prof David Johnstone; Prof Alex Frino
Aelee Jun Essays on the value of Australian dividends and imputation tax credits Available 2008 Assoc Prof Graham Partington; Dr Max Stevenson
Kar Mei Tang An Empirical Analysis of Anonymous Trading in Equity Markets Available 2008 Assoc Prof Carole Comerton-Forde; Prof David Johnstone
Luke Bortoli Three essays on the impact of electronic trading in futures markets Available 2008 Prof Alex Frino; Dr Elvis Jarnecic
Kevin Lo Modelling Order Flow, Price Impact and Market Resiliency in the Australian Stock Market Available 2006 Dr Richard Coggins

Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies

Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Collins Teye The siting of multi-user inland intermodal container terminals in transport networks 2017 Michael Bell; Michiel Bliemer
Asif Ahmed Human Energy Expenditures and Travel Time Budgets Available 2014 Prof Peter Stopher; Prof Peter Greaves
Richard Ellison Understanding Dynamic Responses to Mitigation Policies for Intra-Urban Road Freight Emissions Available 2014 Prof Stephen Greaves; Prof David Hensher; Dr Sean Puckett
Li Shen Innovative Procedures for Travel Data Collection and Processing Available 2014 Prof Peter Stopher; Prof Peter Greaves
Zeyan Zhang Supply Chain Disruption Costs Study in International Containerised Maritime Transportation Available 2013 Prof David Hensher
Wai Yan Leong Embedding Decision Heuristics in Discrete Choice Models: Assessing the MERITS of Majority of Confirming Dimensions, Extremeness Aversion, and Reference Revision Available 2013 Prof David Hensher
Claudine Moutou Sustainable transport access in town centres: A goal-orientated decision-making perspective on the adaptive power of small business Available 2013 Prof Corinne Mulley
Mohammad Khakbaz A Semi-Centralised Dynamic Stochastic Model for Operational Maritime Empty Container Repositioning Under Uncertainty Available 2013 Prof David Walters
Montathip Chanpum The Influence of Supply Chain Relationships on Empty Container Management Available 2013 Prof David Walters; Dr Jyotirmoyee Bhattacharjya
Chi-Hong Tsai A Longitudinal Study on the Linkage between Public Transport Demand and Land Use Characteristics: A Pseudo Panel Approach Available 2013 Prof Corinne Mulley
Chinh Quoc Ho An Investigation of Intra-Household Interactions in Travel Mode Choice Available 2013 Prof Corinne Mulley; Dr Rhonda Daniels
Adrian Ellison Evaluating Changes in Driver Behaviour for Road Safety Outcomes: A Risk Profiling Approach Available 2013 Prof Stephen Greaves; Prof Michiel Bliemer; Dr Rhonda Daniels
Joe Fai Poon Analysing the effects of travel information on public transport traveller's decision making and learning Available 2013 Prof Peter Stopher
Alejandro Tirachini Multimodal pricing and the optimal design of bus services: new elements and extensions Available 2012 Prof David Hensher
Demi Chung Contractual Approach to Optimising Risk Sharing: A Quantitative Study of the Multidimensional Nature of Risk in Private Provision of Road Infrastructure Available 2012 Prof David Hensher
Matthew Beck Development of a behavioural system of stated choice models: modelling behavioural, pricing and technological opportunities to reduce automobile energy levels 2012 Prof John Rose
Andrew Collins Attribute nonattendance in discrete choice models: measurement of bias, and a model for the inference of both nonattendance and taste heterogeneity Available 2012 Prof David Hensher
Zheng Li The Role of Alternative Behavioural Theories in Valuing Travel Time Savings and Travel Time Variability 2012 Prof David Hensher
Jyotirmoyee Bhattacharjya Governance In Value Chain Networks: The Interplay Between Strategy, Structure And Boundary Spanning Interactions 2011 Prof David Walters
Simon Fifer Hypothetical Bias in Stated Preference Experiments: Is it a Problem? And if so, how do we deal with it? Available 2011 Assoc Prof Stephen Greaves; Prof John Rose
Geoffrey Clifton The Role of Frequency & Connectivity in Delivering Enhanced Bus Systems in Urban Areas: Developing a Network of Corridor Services Available 2010 Prof David Hensher; Prof John Rose
Wafa Dabbas Modelling vehicle emissions from an urban air-quality perspective:testing vehicle emissions interdependencies Available 2010 Prof Peter Stopher
Zheng Li
Modelling and Forecasting the Demand for Automobile Petrol in Australia, and its Policy Implications Available 2008 Prof John Rose
Sean Puckett Economic Behaviour Of Interdependent Road Freight Stakeholders Under Variable Road User Charges: Advanced Stated Choice Analysis Available 2006 Prof David Hensher
Ju-Miao Melody Hsiao The Impact of Retailer-Supplier Cooperation and Decision-Making Uncertainty on Supply Chain Performance Available 2006 Prof David Hensher
John Rose Designing Efficient Stated Choice Experiments 2005 Prof David Hensher
Alejandra Efrón Inter-organisational Relationships in a Cross-Culture Supply Chain Context: International Travelling Exhibitions Available 2005 Prof David Hensher
Baojin Wang Revealing the Safety of the Road Environment from Driver Responses: Investigation of Driver Behaviour under Specific Road and Traffic Situations Available 2001 Prof David Hensher

International Business

Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Abz Sharma Life After Death: The Routinisation of Charismatic Leadership at Apple and Hewlett-Packard Available 2017 Catherine Welch
Gordon Perchthold Western Financial Services Multinationals Differential Pathways to Commitment to Internationalisation in Asia: The Impact of Administrative Structures on Reverse Knowledge Transfer and Absorptive Capacity Available 2017 Sid Gray
Michael Imstepf Exploring the black box of early-stage entrepreneurial planning: Hermeneutical insights from case research Available 2012 Prof Richard Dunford
Susan Wong Development and utilization of international business network for knowledge transfer and value creation: A comparative study of internationalizing SMEs in Australia's and China's creative industries 2012 Sid Gray
Yinghui Liu Factors Influencing the Location and Control of Foreign MNEs in China: The Case of Liaoning Province Available 2009 Prof Sid Gray; Prof Ben Tipton


Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Nguyen (Beo) Thai Eliminating Choice Overload Effects: The Roles of Self-threat, Power, and Haptics Available 2017 Ulku Yuksel
Kate Charlton Beyond Recall: Exploring How Players Build Brand Knowledge Through Virtual In-Game Product Experiences Available 2014 Dr Teresa Davis; Prof Donnel Briley
Zullina Hussain Shari Mass Media Portrayals Of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs): The Influence On The Perceived Likelihood Of Organisational Success Available 2013 Prof David Grant; Dr Rohan Miller
Modelling the Evolution of Business Relationships and Networks as Complex Adaptive Systems Available 2013 Prof Ian Wilkinson
Zuraidah Sulaiman Perceived recourse and redress risk (PRRR): conceptualisation and preliminary scale development Available 2013 Prof Charles Areni
Fiona Quinn The Foreign Direct Investment Location Decision: A Contingency Model of the Foreign Direct Investment Location Decision-Making Process Available 2012 Prof Ellen Garbarino; Prof Chris Styles
En Li Attitudes Embodied in Eye Movements: The Reading Direction Effect 2011 Prof Donnel Briley
Marjan Jalali Attenuating Consumer Reactance to Threatening Messages: The Moderating Role of Construal Level Available 2011 Prof Donnel Briley
Sean McNally Determination of interaction effects in expectations for post-event information on memory for items in a service encounter Available 2010 Prof Elizabeth Cowley
Alex Li To stop or not to stop? - Investigating the differential effects of two self-control stategies on self-regulatory resource depletion Available 2010 Prof Elizabeth Cowley
Shuhaida Md Noor Brand Equity And Self: The Moderating Effect Of Self Relatedness On The Favourability Of Brand Associations And Brand Equity Relationship Available 2009 Prof Elizabeth Cowley
Christina Anthony The Lies Consumers Tell Available 2008 Prof Elizabeth Cowley
Nicole Hartley Emotional Intelligence as a predictor of job satisfaction and performance among customer service providers Available 2008 Prof Charles Areni; Dr Leanne Cutcher
Tanja Schneider Marketing Food, Marketing Health: Discursive Practices and the Formation of the Healthy Food Consumer in Australia Available 2008 Prof Elizabeth Cowley; Dr Teresa Davis
Natalina Zlatevska The Repletion of Self Regulatory Resources: Identifying Individual Differences Available 2008 Prof Elizabeth Cowley; Dr Paul Henry

Work and Organisational Studies

Candidate Thesis Title Abstract Completed Supervisor
Susan Belardi If you can’t stand the heat: the role of job quality in recruitment and retention in Australian restaurants Available 2017 Angela Knox; Chris F. Wright
Ella Hafermalz The performative office: A multi-case problematization of remote working Available 2016 Kai Riemer; Bradon Ellem
Meraiah Foley Mothers in Company: the entrepreneurial motivations of self-employed mothers in Australia Available 2015 Prof Marian Baird; Assoc Prof Rae Cooper
Jia Lin Zhao “Feel-good” Factors at Work: A Study of the Roles of Positive Affectivity and Individualism as Moderators of the Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Work Well-being Available 2014 Prof John Shields; Betina Szkudlarek
Elinor Meredith Becoming a Profession? - Executive Coaching in Australia Available 2014 Assoc Prof Richard Hall; Assoc Prof Jim Kitay
Sharna Wiblen Talking about talent: conceptualising talent management through discourse Available 2014 Assoc Prof Richard Hall; Prof David Grant
Barbara Foweraker ‘Selling Age’: Older Workers in the Pharmaceutical Industry Available 2014 Assoc Prof Leanne Cutcher; Prof Marian Baird
Stephen Clibborn Managing from Afar: International Transfer of Employment Relations Policies and Practices in US Multinational Corporations Available 2013 Prof Russell Lansbury
Caroline Burns Corporate Real Estate as a Performance-enhancing Organisational Resource in a Knowledge Work Context: A Study of Top Australian Law Firms Available 2013 Prof John Shields
Marie-Theresa Edbauer The practice of international transfer management: Pluralism and politics in multinational firms Available 2013 Prof Christopher Wright
Elisabeth Kirby Will We Ever Learn From History? The Impact of Economic Orthodoxy on Unemployment during the Great Depression in Australia Available 2013 Prof Greg Patmore
Maurizio Floris Strategizing as Multi-modal and Rhetorical Discursive Practice: A Case Study of the BHP Billiton's Failed Acquisition of Rio Tinto Available 2013 Prof David Grant; Assoc Prof Leanne Cutcher
Peggy Trompf Another brick in the wall:responses of the State to workplace fatalities in the New South Wales construction industry Available 2012 Dr Mark Westcott
Lisa Dancaster State and Employer Involvement in Work-Care Integration in South Africa Available 2012 Dr Marian Baird
Angie Ng Comparative Anti-workplace Bullying Public Policy in Australia, Canada and the United States Available 2012 Prof Greg Patmore
Gillian Considine Neo-liberal reforms in NSW public secondary education: What has happened to teachers' work? Available 2012 Prof Richard Hall; Dr Ian Watson; Assoc Prof John Buchanan
Helena Liu Leadership through crisis: The social construction of authenticity among banking CEOs Available 2012 Dr Leanne Cutcher; Prof David Grant
Melissa Kerr New South Wales Public Employment Services 1887-1942 Available 2012 Prof Greg Patmore; Dr Harry Knowles
Chi Quynh Do Understanding Industrial Relations Transformation in Vietnam: A multi-dimensional approach Available 2011 Prof Russell Lansbury; Assoc Prof Diane van den Broek
Melissa Slee Learning to Navigate Enterprise Bargaining: The NTEU and Employment Relations in the Higher Education Sector, 1993-2005 Available 2011 Prof Bradon Ellem; Assoc Prof Diane van den Broek
Brenda Ware Reframing Job Evaluation: An Investigation of Employee Response to Job Evaluation in Practice 2011 Assoc Prof Susan McGrath-Champ; Professor Chris Wright
Sujatha Rao Knowledge Management and Contract Professionals: A study of contingent employment and knowledge sharing in organisations Available 2010 Assoc Prof Richard Hall
Michael Wright Contested firegrounds: paid and unpaid labour in NSW firefighting between 1850 and 1955 Available 2010 Prof Greg Patmore; Dr Harry Knowles
John McGill The impact of executive coaching on the performance management of international managers in China Available 2010 Prof Richard Hall
Lynne Keevers Practising social justice: Community organisations, what matters and what counts Available 2010 Dr Lesley Treleaven
Sue Williamson Family Provisions and Equality Bargaining in Australia: Symbolic or Emerging? Available 2010 Dr Marian Baird; Dr Rae Cooper
Debra da Silva MNC's labour utilisation strategies: Individual and organisational perspectives Available 2010 Prof Russell Lansbury
Sarah Kaine Managing labour in the residential aged care sector Available 2010 Assoc Prof Bradon Ellem; Dr Rae Cooper
Liway Johnson Partnership In Performance Management: Strategic Choice And Management/Union Cooperation In The NSW Public Education System Since 2000 Available 2009 Assoc Prof John Shields
John Murray Great expectations : individuals, work and family Available 2009 Dr Marian Baird
Anja Kirsch Union Mergers as a Revitalization Strategy and the Role of Post-merger Integration Available 2008 Prof Russell Lansbury; Assoc Prof Rae Cooper
Anja Kirsch Union Mergers as a Revitalization Strategy and the Role of Post-merger Integration: The Case of Ver.di in Germany Available 2008 Prof Russell Lansbury; Dr Rae Cooper
Helen Conomos Training for Tolerance: An Examination into the Effects of Diversity Training on Social Capital Potential in Five Star Hotels Available 2008 Assoc Prof John Shields; Assoc Prof Marian Baird
Sarah Kim Integration Capability and Merger Success: The Case of Professional Service Firms Available 2008 Dr Nick Wailes; Dr Leanne Cutcher
John Elder The History of the Master Builders Association of NSW: The First Hundred Years Available 2007 Prof Greg Patmore