Women and Work Research Group (WWRG)

To understand and progress women's working lives

The Women and Work Research Group (WWRG) provides high quality research, research training and consultancy on all aspects of women's experience of work, employment, family and community in Australia and the Asia-Pacific Region. Over the past two years, WWRG's work has covered parental, maternity and paternity leave, flexible working and carers issues, migrant women and work, pay equity and equal opportunity for women in the workplace and women's health issues at work.

  • WWRG Director: Dr Marian Baird, Professor of Employment Relations
  • WWRG Deputy Director: Dr Rae Cooper, Associate Professor, Work and Organisational Studies, Business School
  • WWRG Research Associate: Alexandra Heron

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Workforce Attachment Policy Comparisons

The attached paper compares the Female Workforce Attachment Policies of the political parties. It has been authored by Professor Marian Baird, and Irina Kolodizner, and authorised by the National Foundation for Australian Women Social Policy Committee.

Female Workforce Attachment Policies

WWRG members along with more than 25 other Australian Academics who constitute The Work and Family Policy Roundtable, release Work, Care and Family Policies: Election Benchmarks 2013.
Visit the Work + Family Policy Rountable website for a full outline of the Benchmarks.

Current Issues & Publications

WGEA reporting requirements consultation

The Right to Request flexible working arrangements

Women, Work and the Global Economic Downturn, a WWRG research report

Mature Age Workers and Eldercare, a WWRG research report

The Government Review of the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Act and Agency has been completed and legislation amending the Act is before Parliament (April 2012)