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Student Experience

Business School Courses

Seeing through challenges. Spotting new opportunities. Discovering ways to evolve and innovate before those around you. All critical abilities for those aiming at creating something big and inspirational in the world of business.

They are crucial because they give you an edge. An advantage. A discerning view, a lens that lets you see what others see but think what no one else has thought.

The kind of advantage that takes you beyond the realms of skill, knowledge, talent or passion and puts you on a different plane. One where the imagined becomes real.

Where the impossible happens.

Undergraduate: A 360° View

Undergraduate Students

The University of Sydney Business School is dedicated to teaching, researching and leading within the field of business, both locally and globally. Our undergraduate courses are designed to give you the theoretical understanding, technical skills and practical experience you will need to excel in today's competitive business environment, and provide you with a 360° view from which to launch your career. More »

Specialised Business Masters: A Direct View

Specialised Business Master

In speed-based sports like motor racing, skiing and cycling, choosing the right racing line is critical. Carefully selecting your route in order to minimize the time you take to complete the course is often the difference between success and failure. Driving a successful career is no different. Making the right choices about what to specialise in, and when to do it, means working not just harder but smarter as well.

The University of Sydney Business School offers a range of Specialised Business Masters programs, so you can acquire the knowledge and experience you need to succeed. More »

Management Education: A Global View

Management Education

The University of Sydney Business School believes in the importance of taking a global view on management education. Just as mountaineers push themselves to reach the pinnacle of their sport, the same principle applies to learning.

Business is a highly competitive environment, and by reaching the summit of your learning, you will give yourself the clearest global outlook possible, and the skills and clarity to know that you're making the right decision when it matters most. More »

Research: A Deeper View

Postgraduate Research Students

The University of Sydney Business School offers two higher degree research programs, the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) and the Master of Philosophy (MPhil). As well as the extensive pool of educational talent, the Business School also offers its students a series of world-class support programs to help our students achieve the best possible results. More »

Executive Education

Executive Education

The University of Sydney Business School Management Education programs are designed to assist Senior Executives in their daily working lives. Developed in consultation with Australian businesses, the programs are tailored to produce results in key fields, such as practical leadership. More »