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Management Education: A Global View

The University of Sydney Business School believes in the importance of taking a global view on management education. Just as mountaineers push themselves to reach the pinnacle of their sport, the same principle applies to learning.

Business is a highly competitive environment, and by reaching the summit of your learning, you will give yourself the clearest global outlook possible, and the skills and clarity to know that you're making the right decision when it matters most.

Business School Management Education Programs

The University of Sydney recently updated its management education program portfolio with the launch of the new Master of Business Administration (MBA) program. The MBA joins the existing Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) and Master of Management degrees to provide targeted, industry-relevant and globally acknowledged postgraduate management education.

Each of these programs has been specifically tailored to meet your individual goals, and take into account your previous study, existing skills and workplace experience.

Our aim is to produce a new generation of creative business leaders, equipped with cutting-edge knowledge and the ability to apply that knowledge, with the personal skills to motivate and influence others.

Master of Management

The Master of Management is purpose-built for recent graduates with outstanding academic records who want to move straight into a fast-paced career in business or management. If you are seeking a broad-based, internationally focused management education, a Master of Management qualification will equip you with the skills and experience necessary for a management career within your chosen field. Read more about the Master of Management.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The newly-launched MBA is an innovative and focused degree, designed specifically to give our graduates the critical thinking, collaboration and communication skills needed to turn each of them into leaders in their chosen professions. Read more about the Master of Business Administration (MBA).

Global Executive MBA

The business world today is seeking new direction. Leadership will come from a new breed of executive - one who is adept at aligning economics with ethics, reconciling opportunity with responsibility and balancing personal ambitions with those of their team, their business and the wider community. The Global Executive MBA program is a prestigious, tailored program bringing together talented executives and challenging them to reach their peak performance, both professionally and personally. Read more about the Global Executive.