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Master of Commerce Master of Marketing Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations

Specialised Business Masters: A Direct View

In speed-based sports like motor racing, skiing and cycling, choosing the right racing line is critical. Carefully selecting your route in order to minimise the time you take to complete the course is often the difference between success and failure. Driving a successful career is no different. Making the right choices about what to specialise in, and when to do it, means working not just harder but smarter as well.

The University of Sydney Business School offers a range of Specialised Business Masters programs, so you can acquire the knowledge and experience you need to succeed. Our programs have been specifically tailored, in consultation with our Australian and international industry and business partners, to provide every student with specific, targeted learning opportunities.

Our Specialised Business Masters Programs

The Business School provides its students with enormous scope to develop key skills that are directly applicable to the modern business environment, through its broad range of learning options.

Master of Commerce

The most flexible of these programs is our Master of Commerce degree, which has been designed with a range of specialisations to help you forward your career in virtually any field. It is the Business School's flagship "New Directions" degree, purpose built to fast-track your current career, or help you to move in an entirely different direction.

Master of Professional Accounting

For students with an interest in the field of Accounting, the Business School's Master of Professional Accounting program has been specifically engineered to provide people with no or minimal prior study in this area with the opportunity to develop knowledge, understanding and expertise in Accounting.

Master of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations

Whether you are engaged in or contemplating a career in human resource management, industrial relations or a related area, the Master of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations (MHRM and IR) is the specialist qualification you need. This program will give you a thorough understanding of key employment related issues, and will equip you with the skills required to respond to the rapid changes reshaping local and international work practices.

Master of International Business

Today's business world is increasingly one without borders, and corporate survival and growth is dependent upon knowledge and experience of the international framework within which companies operate. The Business School's Master of International Business program will help you develop the skills necessary to lead global strategic decisions, and prepare you for a future in international business.

Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

With a focus on management and operations, the Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management program delivers the specialist skills required to apply the concepts, techniques and principles at the heart of logistics and supply chain management.

Master of Marketing

For experienced managers wishing to develop their careers in marketing, the Master of Marketing offers the strategic knowledge and practical skills that today's businesses demand. This program is designed to offer the leaders of tomorrow an understanding of best practice, and the latest techniques that underpin successful marketing strategies.

Master of Transport Management

The Master of Transport Management is offered by the Institute of Transport and Logistics Studies, a global leader in transport and logistics research and education. With a focus on policy and strategic planning, this course balances practical applications with the analytical theory essential to understanding the impact transport networks have across the wider community.

The Business School also offers Graduate Certificate in Innovation and Enterprise.