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Business Intelligence

Big data in business

“Today’s employers are looking for someone who is business ready; someone that has the skillset to tackle the large data set that we’re confronted with today. My area of research is risk management, especially efficient capital allocation – how much money should you put away for a rainy day; whether it be too much and you’re being inefficient, or too little, and you’re being caught out. So I’m trying to find just the right amount, and back it up with the data.”

Christian Contino
PhD Student

One of the most significant developments associated with the digital revolution is the increased availability of data.

For leaders in contemporary organisations, the ability to effectively analyse and draw useful inferences from data is critical, and professionals are playing an increasingly important role in enabling organisations to meet their strategic goals and drive business innovation.

Organisations are looking for employees with the technical and analytical skills to leverage business intelligence effectively.

Master of Commerce

The Master of Commerce offers great choice and flexibility, allowing you to develop the knowledge and transferable skills to advance your career in a wide range of specialisations.

Whether your background is in business or another field – such as arts, engineering or science – the Master of Commerce is the ideal degree to fast-track your career in the area of big data.

You will gain a solid grounding in the fundamental areas of business as you develop an applied understanding of business concepts and practices. The program also allows you to choose up to three areas of specialisations from 18 available options. Pair the Big Data in Business specialisation with Finance and Banking, or Marketing and Business Sustainability, as an example, and carve your own path. 

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