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Industry Placement Program Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) Bachelor of Food and Agribusiness Student Profile - Christine Ma

Undergraduate Study: A 360° View

Undergraduate study at the University of Sydney Business School is more dynamic and connected to relevant industry than ever before. Our courses focus on real world business, and offer an immersive learning environment through international and domestic internship and placement programs, as well as project-based learning.

This comprehensive approach to learning offers Business School students a complete 360° view of the world, enabling you to launch your career with confidence.

Whatever your passion, the quality degree programs at the University of Sydney Business School are designed to help you achieve your career aspirations. You’ve also got ample choice in degree types, with single and double degree offerings:

Bachelor of Commerce

At the heart of our Undergraduate programs is our Bachelor of Commerce degree, designed to give you the best possible start to your business career. It is a three-year program, with a wide variety of subject options to help you target your learning, and launch your career.

The Business School offers undergraduate specialisations in accounting, business information systems, commercial law, finance, human resource management, industrial relations, international business and marketing, as well as econometrics and economics. All this choice means that you can combine different interests to make your study more enjoyable and improve your career prospects.

Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies)

If you would like to specialise outside of the more traditional business areas, this is the degree for you. In the Bachelor of Commerce (Liberal Studies) program, you will be able to draw upon some of your specialisations from the programs offered by other faculties at the University of Sydney.

A first major must be chosen from the Business School either in accounting, business information systems, commercial law, finance, industrial relations and human resource management, international business, management, marketing or quantitative business analysis.

Your second major may also be chosen from the Business School or you may select: agricultural economics, computer science, econometrics, economics, financial mathematics, government and international relations, mathematics or political economy.

Combined Degrees

The Business School also offers combined undergraduate degrees which integrate two degree programs, usually over a five-year period.

These allow for a more specialised degree outcome, as you can gain a number of potential career opportunities within each major area of study.

The structure of different degree combinations varies, with enough flexibility to ensure that you can follow your passions through the entirety of your undergraduate study. For more information, follow the links below.

Honours Degree

The Business School offers students with strong academic records the opportunity to undertake an additional year of advanced study, resulting in an Honours degree. For more information, please see the Honours page.