Business Leader Postgraduate Scholarship Application Form

The University of Sydney Business School is offering up to ten scholarships for local and international students undertaking one of the eligible Master’s postgraduate coursework programs offered in semester 2, 2016. The scholarships are awarded on merit to the most outstanding applicant against the following selection criteria of academic achievement, leadership, ambassadorial potential and motivation to succeed in business in a socially responsible way. The scholarships will cover tuition fees for up to 16 units of study, pending degree duration.

The Business School is currently taking applications from students who will be commencing one of the eligible Master’s degrees in semester 2, 2016.

Only candidates that are expected to commence study in one of the following degrees in semester 2, 2016 may apply for the Business Leader Postgraduate Scholarship.

  • Master of Commerce
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Professional Accounting
  • Master of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations
  • Master of International Business
  • Master of Logistics Management
  • Master of Marketing
  • Master of Transport Management
  • Master of Management
  • Master of Management (CEMS)

  • Applications close Thursday, 9 June 2016

A. Personal Details

Contact details for correspondence

B. To Apply
B1. Prior Academic Achievement

All applicants must have a minimum Australian equivalent average of 75% in a prior University degree.

Please list:

B2. Leadership Capability *

Please submit a written statement demonstrating outstanding leadership potential in the business domain.

(Response should not exceed 500 words)

B3. Ambassadorial Potential *

Please provide example/s of public and professional communication skills and representation.

(Response should not exceed 500 words)

B4. Motivation to succeed in business in a socially responsible way *

Your statement should demonstrate your commitment and future plans to applying the learning offered in the chosen Master's program. Applicants should illustrate how they intend to make a positive difference in their professional life and business practice utilizing their Masters study.

(Response should not exceed 600 words)

C. Supporting Documentation

Please read 'Certification of Documents Guidelines' before continuing with your application online.

Certification of Documents Guidelines

All supporting documentation submitted to the University of Sydney online, must be certified copies of original documents.

Only certified copies of original documents will be accepted.

Please note:

  • All domestic applicants must have their original documents available for further examination.
  • All international applicants must bring their original documents with them to Australia and present them for examination.
  • Rigorous checks are conducted on applications both before and after students enrol. If any fraudulent documents are discovered appropriate action will be taken. This will result in the withdrawal of an offer.
Who can certify documents within Australia?

Professional or occupational groups:

  • an accountant - member of a recognised professional accounting body or a Registered Tax Agent
  • a bank or credit union manager
  • a barrister, solicitor or patent attorney
  • a police officer with the rank of sergeant and above
  • a postal manager
  • a principal of an Australian secondary college, high school or primary school
  • a commissioner for declarations.

An Authorised Officer in:

  • a tertiary admissions centre: UAC, VTAC, QTAC, SATAC, TISC
  • the Admissions Officer or Student Services Office at any Australia university or TAFE College
  • the Official records department of the institution that originally issued the document(s)
  • a Justice of The Peace with a registration number.
Who can certify documents outside Australia?
  • an authorised officer of an Australia overseas diplomatic mission; an Australian Diplomatic post
  • a registered agent of the University of Sydney, or, in the People's Republic of China, a notary public (A registered agent of the University must use the agency stamp and sign and print their name on each page when certifying a copy)
  • an authorised officer of an Australian Education Centre
  • a university or college registrar of the issuing institution
  • a school headmaster or other recognised examining authority
  • a New Zealand Justice of The Peace with a registration number. (This applies to New Zealand citizens only. New Zealand permanent residents must comply with the international certification policy.

All documents must be submitted in English.

Translations are required for all documents in languages other than English.

Translations can only be made by an official translator registered with a government body or by those University of Sydney registered agents which have been designated as translators.

Document 1 - Firm offer of admission

Please upload a copy of your offer of admission to the University of Sydney Business School degree you are commencing in semester 2, 2016.


PLEASE NAME THE FILE to include your STUDENT NUMBER_FIRST NAME_LAST NAME_OFFER (eg. SID_firstname_lastname_offer.pdf)

(PDF )

Document 2 - Academic Transcript

All applicants who have completed an undergraduate/postgraduate degree, should upload a copy of their official academic transcript certified by a representative of the Academic Registrar's Office at the issuing institution or by those professional or government representatives listed on the previous page under 'Certification of Documentation Guidelines'.


PLEASE NAME THE FILE to include your STUDENT NUMBER_FIRST NAME_LAST NAME_TRANSCRIPT (eg. SID_firstname_lastname_transcript.pdf)

(PDF )

Additional documents

Applicants may upload certified documents such as references, letters from your employer or work experience and award certificates to support their application.


(If you have more than one supporting document, please save these documents together as one file before uploading to your application.)

PLEASE NAME THE FILE to include your STUDENT NUMBER_FIRST NAME_LAST NAME_ADDITIONAL DOCUMENTS (eg. SID_firstname_lastname_additional_documents.doc)

(Word , PDF )


The University of Sydney is subject to the New South Wales Privacy and Personal Information Act 1998 (the Act). The personal information you provide for this application will be protected in accordance with the University Privacy Policy. The information provided for this application will only be used by the University of Sydney for assessing your application for a scholarship place.

I agree to notify the University immediately if there is any change to the information I have given in this application. I understand that: The University may vary or cancel any decision it makes if the information I have given is incorrect or incomplete. I hereby declare I have read and understand the Conditions of Award for the Business Leader Postgraduate Scholarship . I further declare that the information I have supplied herein is complete and accurate.