What is a resume?

  • A carefully crafted self-marketing tool designed to prove your capability for a role and win you an interview.
  • Preferably three A4 pages in length and printed on single-sided paper.
  • It is the means by which you will make your first impression with an employer, so it needs to be professional in content as well as in presentation.

Note: For a detailed explanation of resume writing please refer to our Resume writing handout.

Dos and don'ts of resume writing



Use a professional layout style or template.
Make up the layout as you go along.
Include a footer with your name, contact number and page number.
Include a photo or graphics.
Confidently represent your academic, employment and extra-curricular achievements.
Make false statements about your work history, academic results or residency status.
Include meaningful details in your work history, e.g. "Commended by Management for polite and efficient customer service".
Write vague statements in your work history about your duties, e.g.
"Served customers".
Tailor the content to prove how well you fulfil the job selection criteria.
Use the same version of your resume for every job application.