Graduate attributes

The University of Sydney is committed to preparing graduates for tomorrow's world, and recognises that a university education is not just about getting a job, but is also about learning to contribute to society.

The University’s staff and students, working with professional bodies, government and social groups, have identified the outcomes this University hopes its graduates will achieve.

The Graduate Attributes

  1. Scholarship: Graduates of the university will have a scholarly attitude to knowledge and understanding. They will be able to apply their knowledge to solve problems and communicate their knowledge confidently and effectively.
  2. Global citizenship: Graduates of the university will be Global Citizens, who will aspire to contribute to society in a full and meaningful way through their roles as members of local, national and global communities.
  3. Lifelong learning: Graduates of the university will be Lifelong Learners committed to and capable of continuous learning and reflection for the purpose of furthering their understanding of the world and their place in it.

These attributes are underpinned by five clusters of skills and abilities:

  1. Research and Enquiry
  2. Information Literacy
  3. Personal and Intellectual Autonomy
  4. Ethical, Social and Professional Understanding
  5. Communication