Our mission

About us

The mission of the China Studies Centre (CSC) is to serve as a pan-University resource in the areas of research, education, outreach, policy formulation, community relations, international engagement, academic exchange and mobility, and public discourse. Thus it is a unit that:

  • brings together and promotes collaboration among the many University academics who in various and diverse ways work on China;
  • channels funding to those engaged in China-related research across the University;
  • promotes the study of China by undergraduate and postgraduate students and helps create opportunities for students, especially postgraduate students, to meet and to join a cohort based on their shared research interests;
  • provides programming of interest to the University’s academics and students as well as to the larger Sydney community;
  • helps to formulate and review the University’s “China Strategy” and assists in the ongoing University engagement with research partners in China;
  • reaches out to and advises government, business organisations, and cultural institutions;
  • facilitates all forms of University engagement with China, especially academic exchange and student mobility to China; and
  • contributes to informed public discourse on China.