Australia-China Partnerships in Financial Services

The Sydney China Business Forum has become one of the leading events focusing on business interactions between Australia and China.

The China Studies Centre will facilitate this year’s forum in partnership with the City of Sydney and China-based, Bank of Communications.

Building on Sydney’s strength as Australia’s financial capital, the theme for the Sydney China Business Forum 2014 is Australia-China Partnerships in Financial Services.

The forum will discuss issues that are crucial to the development of the financial services sector for Australia and China, including:

  • China’s policy and regulatory environment and market access for Australian companies
  • Australia-China FTA negotiations and implications for the financial services sector
  • Will the yuan become fully convertible and, if so, over what time frame?
  • How does the financial infrastructure support the internationalisation of the yuan?
  • What innovations can be expected from the Shanghai Free Trade Zone?
  • How do standard international trade agreements help enterprises inside and outside China do business better?
  • What is the relation between financial services and China’s ageing population and wealth management?

This year’s forum and its gala dinner will provide a unique opportunity for leaders in government, business and academia in Australia and China to share their insights into the most pressing issues in the financial services sector and to engage with major industry players from both countries.

Please click here to download a PDF version of the forum flyer.

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