Changing your undergraduate degree course

If you wish to move from one bachelor degree course to another, you will most likely need to apply online through the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) in August or September for entry in the following year.

Why UAC ?
When you move from one degree course to another, you are considered a 'new student' in the new degree, even though you may be able to enrol (with credit) in second year or later. The University needs to closely control the intake of 'new students' and UAC provides the service to enable the University to manage its 'new student' intake.

What about 'internal transfers' ?
Some faculties list the course transfers that are allowable within their own faculty:

You can now apply to transfer into allowable courses through Sydney Student. Go to ‘My studies’, ‘Course details’, and then select ‘Request course transfer’. You'll either be shown a list of allowable courses in Sydney Student or directed to the relevant faculty to check if recognition for prior learning (RPL) applies.

What about International students ?
All International students, including those who entered the University through UAC, need to contact International Services for information about changing courses.

What is the basis on which I compete for admission ?
If you entered the University from school in NSW, you will know that your ATAR score was most likely the major determinant in gaining a place in your course. Once you commence tertiary study, your performance at university also becomes a factor in determining your eligibility. Many university students applying to change courses are doing so because they were unable to enter their first choice course directly from school. If you undertake a full-time year (or more) of study in a bachelor degree course, your unit-of-study results will largely determine your chances of gaining admission into other bachelor degree courses at the University of Sydney.

What is the definition of a full-time year of study ?
For admissions purposes, 48 credit points at the University of Sydney. If you have attempted less than 48 credit points in your course, your university results from that course do not contribute to your potential admission at the University of Sydney.

Will I go into second year of my new degree course if I am successful ?
This depends on the amount of credit you are given from your previous studies. You will need to consult the revelant Faculty concerning questions of credit. You should note that it is the quality of your university results, not the field of study of the units themselves, that contributes to your potential selection.

I haven't performed as well as I expected at university because of circumstances beyond my control. Can I have these taken into account with my UAC application ?
Go to the Special consideration for admission page for this information.

I was approved for admission under the Broadway Scheme earlier this year. Does that advantage continue if I now apply to change courses ?
Once you commence university studies, the benefit you possibly gained from being approved under the Broadway Scheme is exhausted.

Should I re-enrol for 2013 with my current course in December, or wait until UAC offers are released in January ?
You should always re-enrol.

Can I get more specific information and advice, now that I have my Semester 1 university results ?
You can find course-specific admissions information in the 2013 UAC Guide, available at newsagents in early August, and on the UAC webite from early August. You can also call into the Student Centre and ask to see a staff member of the Admissions Office, you can or phone Admissions on +61 2 8627 8210 with your admissions questions.