Changing your undergraduate degree course

If you wish to move from one bachelor degree course to another course within the same faculty or a combined degree to a single, it is best to speak to your faculty first. Some faculties, eg Arts & Social Sciences, Business and Science deal with course transfers within the faculty and you can make a request via your Sydney Student portal. If this is not the case, you can apply online (you need to log in with your UniKey and password). The application deadline was 5pm, Friday 17 July, 2015 and has now closed. Your application will be processed by the Admissions Office. If your rank meets the course cut-off and there are still places available in that course, you will receive a new offer from the Admissions Office. If you are an international applicant, you will be issued a new eCOE.

Please note that if you wish to make the transfer in Semester 2, only selected courses will be available. The 2015 Semester 2 available courses are listed below.

Please read the Q&A page before applying online.




UAC Course Code Faculty Course Title
511200 Arts&SS B Arts
511207* Arts&SS B Arts(Media & Communications)
511208* Arts&SS B Arts (Languages)
511226* Arts&SS B Political Economic & Soc Sc
511235* Arts&SS B Economics
511260* Arts&SS B Arts/ B Economics
511300* Arts&SS B Arts/ Social Work
511504 Business B Commerce
511510 Business B Commerce (Liberal Studies)
511530 Business B Commerce/B Arts
511535 Business B Commerce/B Science
511716 Eng&IT B Eng Hons Aeronautical
511718 Eng&IT B Eng Hons (Aero) (Space)
511729 Eng&IT B Engineering Hons (Mechanical)
511730 Eng&IT B Engineering Hons (Mechatronic)
511732 Eng&IT B Engineering Hons (Mechanical)(Space)
511733 Eng&IT B Engineering Hons (Mechatronic)(Space)
511735 Eng&IT B Engineering Hons (Chem&Biomolecular)
511741 Eng&IT B Engineering Hons (Civil)
511742 Eng&IT B Engineering Hons (Civil)(Constr Mgt)
511743 Eng&IT B Eng Hons (Civil) (Env)
511744 Eng&IT B EngHons(Civil)(Geotechnical)
511745 Eng&IT B Eng Hons (Civil)(Structures)
511748 Eng&IT B Eng Hons (Elec)(Power)
511750 Eng&IT B Eng Hons (Electrical)
511753 Eng&IT B Eng Hons (Software)
511758 Eng&IT B Eng Hons (Biomedical)
511760 Eng&IT B Eng Hons/B Commerce
511761 Eng&IT B Info Tech/B Commerce
511763 Eng&IT B Info Tech/B Medical Science
511764 Eng&IT B Info Tech/B Science
511765 Eng&IT B Info Tech/B Arts
511770 Eng&IT B Eng Hons/B Science 
511780 Eng&IT B Eng Hons/B Arts
511784 Eng&IT B Eng Hons/B Project Mgt
511785 Eng&IT B Project Management
511790 Eng&IT B Engineering Hons/B Med Sc
511795 Eng&IT B Computer Sc & Technology
511796 Eng&IT B Comp Sc& Technology (Adv)
511797 Eng&IT B Information Technology
511801* Law B Combined Law
512009 Science B Liberal Arts and Science
512080* Science B Med Sc (First-year Entry)
512040 Science B Science
512041 Science B Science (Advanced)
512042 Science B Science (Advanced Maths)
512094 Science B Science/Arts
512307* SCM B Music Studies
512311* SCM B Music (Performance)

* International Applicants Only