The Centre for Future Energy Networks (CFEN)

Director: Prof David Hill

CFEN performs research work towards finding: 

  • electrical grid planning for resilient networks over future decades given diverse energy sources and energy storage;
  • analysis of stability, security and reliability of future electricity grids with substantial integration of renewable energy sources;
  • distributed control for diverse generation, storage and demand management participation in network operation (smarter grids);
  • advanced electronic control of electricity grids using utility power electronics;
  • converter design for grid integration and energy management.

We are one of the world’s leading research centres in power networks and intelligent grid technologies. We are seeking high caliber individuals from around the globe to join our research team and contribute to our research agenda. We have a team of researchers who have substantial international experience in research and consulting in the planning and control of power systems, power electronics and renewable energy. These staff participate in high level research forums across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Our strong relationships with key industrial organizations such as Ausgrid, TransGrid, ABB and AEMO ensure the relevance of our research effort. All our research students work on cutting edge research projects which are typically aimed at a fundamental problem which is recognized and supported by industry, the Australian Research Council or other government funding.

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