As one of the top 30 engineering and technology universities in the world, we will provide you with the skills to develop innovative, creative and sustainable solutions that promote positive change worldwide.

Clear pathways, widest choice

Our engineering degree options cover aeronautical, mechanical, mechatronic, biomedical, chemical and biomolecular, civil, electrical, and software engineering.

With 15 majors, you have the option to personalise your degree. You can broaden your career options even further by combining your degree with studies in arts, law, architecture, science, commerce, music or medical science.

Majors include:

Technical skills, business knowledge

Our IT and computer science degrees prepare you to become a professional at the forefront of information technology.

You will study a number of core subjects before choosing one of two streams - computer science or information systems. And when you graduate you could play an important role in helping businesses build infrastructure, develop products, manage data, analyse trends, strategise and conduct research.

Unique and unequalled

Our project management degrees are unlike any other project management courses in Australia. We take a complex systems approach to investigate projects from a holistic viewpoint. It will provide you with skills that you can apply across any industry.

Flexible options

If you're not sure in which area of engineering or IT you'd like to specialise, our Flexible First Year program gives you the time and freedom to discover where your strengths and interests lie before deciding.

Are you a high achiever?

Students with outstanding academic ability can take advantage of our Advanced Engineering and Talented IT Programs.