Complex systems

The Complex Systems research theme brings together leading academics and professionals to develop holistic approaches to the coordination and management of large-scale complex systems. This includes social, organisational, biological and living systems and covers a wide range of applications – from disaster recovery management, disease outbreak coordination, fraud detection, human and computer interactions, and organisational risk management.

The Complex Systems Research Group has a strong focus on theory and covers such areas as social networks, self-organisation, complexity in organisations and chaos theory. The Group uses methods and analytical techniques from mathematical sociology, social anthropology and computer science to explore coordination problems in a dynamic, distributed and complex setting.

Solutions developed from this research are applicable to a wide range of environments across diverse industries, including property development, mining, water, health, energy, IT, banking and finance, government and the not-for-profit sector.

Members of this research area have also been involved in the development of two innovative new project management degree programs - both based on a complex systems approach: