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Great Barrier Reef Stories, Chapter 2: Let’s Talk About Coral Sex

29 November 2017

The second chapter of Killian Quigley’s ‘Great Barrier Reef Stories’ explores how we respond to & narrate nonhuman sex. Killian considers…


Let’s Make Sure there’s Water to Quench our Thirst for Fashion

23 November 2017

Master of Sustainability Candidate Maria Nasta Bittar discuses the direct impacts that the fashion industry has on water scarcity, and suggests…


EJ Series, Part 4: Propagules, Pumps and Briny Relations

11 December 2017

Susan Reid offers meditations on the material liveliness and relationality of the ocean itself as providing conditions in which alter-imaginaries…


Implicatory Denial: The Sociology of Climate Inaction

15 November 2017

Exploring how and why people who believe in climate change choose to ignore it, and how people can be empowered to…