About offers

Domestic student
The University of Sydney makes offers from early December to late February.

After UAC has received your qualification details or results (for example Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR), International Baccalaureate (IB), Overall Position (OP) or university results), you will receive up to one offer in each round for your highest preference where you meet the entry requirements.

Your course preferences are considered in the order you have listed on your application. You will receive an offer if you get the ATAR needed and meet the entry requirement for your first preference. If you didn’t get the ATAR needed for your first preference, your second preference will be considered and so on until an offer can be made or you have no more preferences.

Please note that if you do not meet the ATAR cut-off needed for any of your preferences, you will not receive an offer.

Early round offers

Generally the only applicants to be made offers in the early rounds (early December and early January) are deferred students claiming their places and non-recent school leavers whose qualifications and results are available to UAC on time and who meet the cut-off requirement (not including Mature-Age Entry Scheme applicants). Successful scholarship applicants and E12 conditional offer holders may also receive offers in early January.

Please note we can only make offers to your first preference in these two rounds. Unless the course is your first preference, the University of Sydney will not be able to make you an offer.

Late and final round offers

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If you receive your first preference in the main round, your application is considered complete and you will not be considered for the late and final rounds unless you change your preferences.

If you receive your second, third, fourth (or beyond) preference, you will be considered for all courses above your offered course in subsequent rounds.

For example: if you received a main round offer for the Bachelor of Arts at Sydney and it was your third preference, you will be re-considered for your first and second preferences in the late round but no preferences beyond that.

No matter what offer you received in the main round, you can reorder your preferences for the late and final rounds.

When changing your preferences, remember that you will be considered only for a course that is above the course you received an offer for in a previous offer round.