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On this page you will find many of our research publications, reports, presentation slides, newsletters, annual reports, application forms and all other documents for quick reference. We are also in process of compressing lectures given at our events for download.

External resources

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The Housing NYC plan

New resources from NYC's Housing Plan!
Our Director, Prof. Peter Phibbs, recently visited New York city where he compared how the issues of housing affordability we face in Sydney are dealt with in America's most populous city. We have just released a video documenting Prof. Phibb's account of the similarities between the cities and the feasibility of housing strategy discussions he observed during his trip. Below the video you can find some reading recommended by Prof. Phibbs of Planning documents that emerged from The City of New York's ten year plan for housing affordability across five boroughs;

Research publications

Some research output from recipients of the Trust's Grants
and Practitioner In Residence Programs.

Download the full paper

     Donald Proctor,
     Communities of Practice
     View summary: 2pages


Download the full paper

     Joe Hurley and Elizabeth Taylor,
     Facilitating Professional Engagement
     with Planning Research.
     View summary: 3pages


Download the full paper

     Yolande Stone,
     Council Decision Making
     View summary: 2pages

Julie WALTON's PIR paper

     Julie Walton,
     Ways of the world:
     Political donations impact
     on planning integrity
     View summary: 4pages

  Keiran THOMAS's PIR paper

     Keiran Thomas,
     Housing Supply Outcomes
     From Codification in Sydney
     View summary: 6pages
     Appendices: 2 and 3

  Geoffrey MEEN's Housing Affordability report

     Geoffrey Meen,
     Housing Affordability
     In Aust. and the UK


     Leslie STEIN,
     Value Capture in Australia
     Ideologies, Methods, and


Miers' Paper 

     Stacey MIERS,
     The effect of Land Use Planning
     Decisions on the Landholdings and
     viability of NSW Local Aboriginal
     View summary: 3pages


Blue Sky and Strategic research reports

Urban Media report

     Marcus Foth et al.,
     Urban Media Report


Somwrita SARKAR et al., Open Access Policy Analysis and Visualisation

     Somwrita Sarkar et al.,
     Open Access Policy Analysis
     and Visualisation


Download the full paper

     Patrick Harris et al.,
     Environmental Impacts
     of Major Transport Projects



 Intersections of stigma

     Kathleen Flanagan et al.,
     Intersections of Stigma,
     Social Capital & Community
     Engagement in the Suburbs

  Resident Involvement in Planning

     Dallas Rogers et al.,
     Resident Involvement in
     Urban Planning Development
     in Sydney


Pole Position

     Dr Jennifer L. Kent
     Pole Position: Transport
     and Wellbeing in a
     Greenfield Estate   



Thumbnail for HiSP Report

     Jennifer L. Kent et al.,
     Health in Strategic Planning


Periodic publications

The Trust's annual reports documenting the years activities, research projects, grants offered, lectures,
workshops, advisory board members and finances and any occasional addresses.

View the Annual report of 2013

     Annual Report
     Year of 2013


View the Annual report of 2014

     Annual Report
     Year of 2014


View the Annual report of 2015

     Annual Report
     Year of 2015


Download the address

     John TOON,
     Occasional address 2014

  May 2016 Newsletter

     2016 Newsletter
     May Edition

  November 2016 Newsletter

     2016 Newsletter
     November Edition

Urban Housing Lab booklet

     Urban Housing Lab
     Launch document

  Marcus SPILLER, Annual Lecture 2017

     Marcus SPILLER,
     Annual Lecture 2017
     Citizens Taking Back
     the City



Marcus SPILLER, Annual Lecture 2017

     Incubator GRANTS,
     Funding the emergence
     of promising research

Presentation slides

2015 retrospective

     2015 retrospective
     The year in review

  Geoffrey Meen's 4th Annual HHT Lecture slides

     Geoffrey Meen
     4th Annual HHT Lecture

  Mark Willis' Lecture slides

     Mark Willis
     NYC housing market

Lecture recordings

The 2017 Annual Lecture (audio)
Delivered by Dr Marcus Spiller

The following are a selection of recordings from the recent Festival of Urbanism sponsored by the Trust.

The Central Sydney Planning Strategy
The draft Central Sydney Planning Strategy 2012- 2036 revises previous planning controls and attempts to deliver on the City of Sydney’s Sustainable Sydney 2030 program.

84:52 minutes

The Love Affair with Cables Cars in Latin American Cities
A lecture by Professor Michael Humphrey focusing on the impact of Cable Cars in Latin American cities.

85:00 minutes

Myth: Chinese Investors are Buying Up Australian Real Estate
Dr Dallas Rogers debunks the myth of Chinese Investor's influence in the Australian property market.

114:00 minutes

You can also find a short selection of lectures from the Festival of Urbanism on the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning's YouTube channel;

Application forms

You can find information on the research grants available through the Trust on
the research page, as well as all application forms.