Medical Radiation Sciences

Established in 1988, the discipline of Medical Radiation Sciences (MRS) encompasses the streams of diagnostic radiography, nuclear medicine and radiation therapy.

All of the MRS professions combine a high level of technical expertise, close patient contact and good communication skills to provide optimal patient care. Qualifications gained from the discipline are recognised worldwide, and graduates will receive full accreditation from their respective professional associations.

Career Overview

Graduates of the diagnostic radiography program provide images and data for the diagnosis and treatment of injury and disease. Radiation therapy graduates deliver high-energy radiation to cure or relieve the symptoms of cancer and other diseases. Nuclear medicine scientists use radionuclides and advanced medical imaging techniques to aid the diagnosis of common human diseases such as cancer and heart disease.

Featured Expert

Professor Patrick Brennan's research explores novel technologies and techniques that enhance the detection of clinical indicators of disease, whilst minimizing risk to the patient. His research has involved most major imaging modalities including X-ray, computerized tomography, ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging.

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