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An ongoing history of achievement

The Australian Stuttering Research Centre has pioneered the development and dissemination of evidenced-based treatments

The University of Sydney’s Faculty of Health Sciences has a tradition of participating in public debates to help shape national and international, health and social policy agendas.

You will work alongside internationally recognised thought leaders and collaborations with industry bodies, not-for-profit organisations, and community networks, will ensure the future of our academic tradition.

Expand knowledge, improve treatment

Studying for a PhD is a unique opportunity to push the frontiers of knowledge, develop and prove your ability, and expand your career prospects.

The following research degrees are available through the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Prospective research student enquiries

If you are interested in undertaking a research degree at the Faculty of Health Sciences but are confused about the application process or, you are not sure if the Faculty covers the area of research you are interested in and you don’t know how to go about identifying an appropriate supervisor, please complete the enquiries form below, so that we may direct your enquiry to the most appropriate person and provide you with useful information.

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Our Supervisor Connect system (below) allows you to find a supervisor within the Faculty of Health Sciences. Simply enter key words to find research opportunities where you can click on the ‘Contact an adviser online’ button to submit your inquiry.

Search a selection of current research opportunities on offer to new PhD candidates.

Our research program is extensive, so if you don't locate a match to your specific opportunity preference, submit an enquiry for a opportunity within your area of research interest and explain what you're looking for. A consultant will guide you in the right direction.

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