ICPC-2 PLUS - Developers

If you have an established electronic health record system (EHR) or are developing one, and would like to install ICPC-2 PLUS, we can provide you with a Developer licence. Developers may be:

  • EHR software developers;
  • clients who would like to incorporate ICPC-2 PLUS directly into their own (self developed) clinical system; or
  • developers of databases for research purposes.

ICPC-2 PLUS is provided to Developers as comma delimited text files (CSV files) designed for implementation into EHR systems. Functionality requirements are also provided to Developers to assist with installation and search engine development. The functionality requirements provide file descriptions and instructions for installing ICPC-2 PLUS. Use the following link to access a copy of the ICPC-2 PLUS functionality requirements for developers (PDF 1154KB).

Any software developer adhering to all functionality requirements may apply for accreditation. Contact us for further details.

Licensing and costs

The NCCH is the authorised distributor of ICPC-2 in Australia.

Anyone wishing to become a Developer must agree to the licensing conditions and sign a Developer contract.

No charge is made to Developers for installing ICPC-2 PLUS into a clinical system. However, once the terminology is being used for clinical or research purposes (that is, data are being entered into the system or database using ICPC-2 PLUS), an end user licence must be in place. Charges apply for end users (see Licensing Costs for details).

If you would like to register as an ICPC-2 PLUS Developer, or would like further information about potential applications for ICPC-2 PLUS, please contact us.

If you would like more information about end users, please see the End User section of the website.


CPC-2 PLUS is updated at least 3 times per year (not more often than every 3 months). Updates include new terms, new keywords, and the addition of new linkages between keywords and terms.

Once an update has been finalised, developers are supplied with new ICPC-2 PLUS CSV files and the update is passed on to end users. Updates are timed to coincide with Australian drug database updates for the convenience of developers and end users.

Download ICPC-2 PLUS release files


Trying the ICPC-2 PLUS Demonstrator is a good way to determine whether ICPC-2 PLUS meets your needs. The Demonstrator provides information about the terminology and allows you to experiment using ICPC-2 PLUS.

User Guide

All ICPC-2 PLUS Developers and End Users are provided with an electronic copy of the ICPC-2 PLUS User Guide. The User Guide provides information on the purpose of coding and classifcation, the development of ICPC-2 PLUS and hints on the best way to access the term you want. Appendices to the User Guide are updated and distributed to licensed end users and developers as appropriate, and contain information about keywords, abbreviations used, recent terms added and lists the ICPC-2 PLUS data output groupers.