ICPC-2 PLUS - end users

If your EHR software provider has installed ICPC-2 PLUS as part of their clinical software, you may subscribe to ICPC-2 PLUS as an end user. This allows you to access ICPC-2 PLUS for data entry and data reporting. For detailed information regarding what ICPC-2 PLUS is, how it works, advantages for you and a subscription form, download the ICPC-2 PLUS Pamphlet for Potential Users. If you require further information about ICPC-2 PLUS, or have questions regarding its application, please contact us.

Licensing and Costs

Charges apply for end users of ICPC-2 PLUS. See Licensing Costs for more details.

All end users must sign an ICPC-2 PLUS end user contract before being given access to ICPC-2 PLUS. The contract may be downloaded here. Instructions for completing the contract are provided with the download material. Alternatively, contact the FMRC to arrange for a contract to be sent to you.

User Guide

All ICPC-2 PLUS Developers and end users are provided with an electronic copy of the ICPC-2 PLUS User Guide. The ICPC-2 PLUS User Guide provides a reference document that includes information on the purpose of coding and classifying, the development of ICPC-2 PLUS and hints on the best way to access the term you want. Appendices to the User Guide are updated and distributed to licensed end users and developers as appropriate, and contain information about keywords, abbreviations used, recent terms added and lists the ICPC-2 PLUS data output groupers.


ICPC-2 PLUS is updated approximately 3 times per year. Your developer will provide you with the update, and the FMRC will send you appendices to your User Guide containing any new terms added.


We welcome suggestions from End Users to help us to improve and develop the system. If there is something you would like us to add, please contact us.


Trying the ICPC-2 PLUS Demonstrator is a good way to decide whether the ICPC-2 PLUS is suitable for your needs. The Demonstrator provides information about the terminology and allows you to experiment using ICPC-2 PLUS.