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The focus of the Exercise, Health and Performance Research Group is the integration of exercise physiology and applied clinical exercise science to health promotion and disease prevention and treatment throughout the lifespan.

Areas of particular emphasis include:

  • the effects of physical activity on body composition during childhood;
  • maturation and old age;
  • optimisation of metabolic and physical fitness throughout the lifespan;
  • prevention of cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, osteoporosis, falls, and frailty and
  • treatment of specific health problems with exercise, including arthritis, depression, insulin resistance and diabetes, stroke, obesity, osteoporotic fracture, mobility impairment, cardiovascular disease, disability, and other chronic conditions.

The Exercise, Health and Performance Research Group is a multidisciplinary team with expertise in:

  • exercise physiology;
  • body composition analysis;
  • clinical nutrition;
  • geriatric medicine;
  • biomechanics and
  • behavioural medicine.

This expertise is put to use in clinical trials, basic laboratory investigations, and epidemiological approaches to problems in this field.

Translational research is also a core mission of this group, with the development and testing of dissemination models of evidence-based interventions comprising a major area of productivity and service to the community.