The Kid’s Talk Lab is interested in how children learn to talk and express themselves.

Learning to talk involves many different skills. From infants to school-age, kids need to develop the correct speech sounds for talking. Another major milestone is learning how to talk using words and then sentences.

At the Kid’s Talk lab we strive to understand individual differences in how children do this, including children who are typically developing and children who have developmental or acquired speech and language impairments.

Our lab sees children from toddlers to school-age depending on the research project currently running.

Our lab includes researchers from the Discipline of Speech pathology. Meet the members of the Kid’s Talk Lab.

Read about our current areas of research:

  • Word learning in typically developing toddlers
  • Reading skills in children with SLI
  • Speech Sound Acquisition and Disorders in Children
  • Children with acquired language impairments
  • The quality of word learning in children with SLI
  • Emergent literacy in children with speech and language impairments

Read about our collaborators:

Dr. Elise Baker and Dr. Natalie Munro, coordinators of the Kid's Talk Lab

Thinking of a higher degree research Masters Degree or PhD?

The researchers at Kid’s Talk Lab specialise in paediatric speech and language development and disorders within the Discipline of Speech Pathology at the Faculty of Health Sciences, The University of Sydney. We have comprehensive on-campus clinic and research facilities including access to research labs, research work-space areas and research/clinical tests and equipment. For details about our research interests and contact details, see members of the Kid’s Talk Lab.

For international students, please approach the International Office at The University of Sydney to determine whether you would be eligible to apply at our university.