Bachelor of Health Sciences

The Bachelor of Health Sciences is your introduction to a career in the Australian health sector. The program is designed to have two main areas of focus for your study (majors), as well as opportunities to take other units of study or subjects that are of interest to you (electives).

You will need to complete 144 credit points to be eligible to graduate, in addition to meeting a range of other requirements. These requirements are set out in the Course Resolutions for the degree, the table of units of study for the Health Sciences major, and the course tables for your chosen second major.

As this is a degree in Health, your first major will be Health Sciences, where you will learn about the Australian health sector and how your chosen role will fit into the big picture of health. There are 10 units of study or subjects included in this major (total 60 credit points).

Planning for your second major

At the time you enrol, you must select one of the majors listed below as your second major. You do have the option of changing your second major later, but it is important that you discuss this with the academic who is your Year Coordinator. If you click on the link to your chosen major, it will show you a suggested pattern of study across the three years of your degree. If you want to find out more information about the units/subjects listed in the study pattern, click on the link listed at the top of the pattern. Once you have chosen a second major, you should take time to familiarise yourself with the formal requirements for the major. Please note, the study patterns provided are a guide only to help you plan your enrolment.

Second majors in the Bachelor of Health Sciences

Below is a listing of all approved second majors available in the Bachelor of Health Sciences. Each link will refer you to the relevant faculty handbook. Suggested study patterns are provided for each major to assist with your unit of study selections.

Faculty Second Major Requirements Enrolment Planner
Health Sciences
Arts and Social Sciences

Language studies


Advice for choosing electives

Units of study are divided into levels; Junior, Intermediate, Senior & Honours. Junior units of study usually act as a prerequisite for intermediate and senior units of study. In some cases, these Junior or Intermediate units of study will be required in order to progress into your Senior units of study. For this reason, students should ensure they plan their degree progression to utilise the electives choices carefully.

Special Permission

The Bachelor of Health Sciences course also provides you the opportunity to select elective units of study to satisfy the total number of credit points required for the award. These elective may be chosen from any undergraduate units available throughout the University, subject to approval. All elective units chosen outside of Health Sciences, Science, Business and Arts & Social Sciences will require students to apply for Special Permission via the Sydney Student Portal: Go to: My Studies>Units of Study>Apply for Special Permission LOGIN to Sydney Student Portal.

Belong@FHS Mentoring Program

To assist you further in your Bachelor of Health Sciences degree, the Faculty offers a student mentoring program, Belong@FHS, where you are teamed up with students from Second or Third Year who have chosen the same second major as you. They are able to give you the student perspective on the degree, and advise you on non-academic issues you might encounter.

Contacts for further information

If you need any extra advice about the units of study, subjects to choose, or about your second major, please email the Bachelor of Health Sciences.

Enrolment Support:
If you are experiencing any systems related issues for your unit of study selection:
T: 1800 SYD UNI (1800 793 864) (in Australia) or +61 2 8627 1444 (outside Australia)