At Humboldt University, Berlin taken by James Mellowes
Photo taken by James Mellowes

The Law School’s program of international engagement is a rapidly developing area with vital linkages made in recent years with leading law schools around the world.

In line with University and Faculty objectives, our international engagement is directed towards enhancing the student experience through exchanges and other offshore opportunities; strengthening our international profile; and identifying new collaborations, resources and funding opportunities for our academics.

The Law School’s international activities are steered by the Internationalisation Working Group which considers all new engagement opportunities.

In these pages you will find information for students and academic staff about our many international collaborations.


Student exchange enquiries

Professor Chester Brown
Associate Dean International
+61 2 9351 0210

Peter Finneran
Head of Recruitment (Law)
+61 2 9351 0224

Natasha De Zilva
Team Leader, Professional Law Programs
+61 2 9351 0345

email: Professional Law Programs