Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 14 No. 1

Special Issue: Refugee Issues and Criminology

Edited by Sharon Pickering, Charles Sturt University


  • Leanne Weber, The Detention of Asylum Seekers: 20 Reasons Why Criminologists Should Care
  • Bente Puntervold Bø, Imprisonment of Non-Nationals: Do Recent Amendments to the Norwegian Immigration Act Comply With Human Rights and Moral Standards?
  • Scott Poynting, ‘Bin Laden in the Suburbs’: Attacks on Arab and Muslim Australians before and after 11 September
  • Sharon Pickering & Caroline Lambert, Deterrence: Australia’s Refugee Policy
  • Penny Green & Mike Grewcock, The War Against Illegal Immigration: State Crime and the Construction of a European Identity

Contemporary Comment

  • Chris Cunneen]], Mandatory Sentencing & Human Rights
  • Stephanie Cauchi, Fleeting Refuge: Women, Domestic Violence and Refugee Status in The Minister for Immigration and Multicultural Affairs v Khawar
  • Sharon Pickering & Mary O’Kane, Policing, Exile and Gender in States’ Borderlands
  • David Brown, Legislative Council Select Committee on the Increase in Prisoner Population, Interim Report, July 2000; Final Report, November 2001: A Review
  • Mark Findlay, Beware of the ‘Dog’: Assaults in Prison and Cultures of Secrecy


  • Caroline Lambert, Crawley, H, Refugees and Gender: Law and Process
  • Alison Duxbury, Charlesworth, H, Writing in Rights - Australia and the Protection of Human Rights

    Ray Jackson, Tatz, C, Aboriginal Suicide is Different - A Portrait of Life and Self-Destruction