Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 17 No. 3


  • Chris Cunneen, Racism, Discrimination and the Over-Representation of Indigenous People in the Criminal Justice System: Some Conceptual and Explanatory Issues
  • Terry Carney, Complex Needs at the Boundaries of Mental Health, Justice and Welfare: Gatekeeping Issues in Managing Chronic Alcoholism Treatment?
  • Richard Edney, Contested Narratives of Penal Knowledge: H Division
    Pentridge Prison and the Histories of Imprisonment
  • Michael Briody, The Effects of DNA Evidence on Property Offences
    in Court
  • Jude McCulloch & Bree Carlton, Preempting Justice: Suppression of Financing of Terrorism and the ‘War on Terror’
  • Emilie Priday, Thinking About New Directions in Juvenile Justice:
    Risk and Cognitive Behaviourism
  • Mindy Sotiri & Jim Simpson, Indigenous People and Cognitive Disability: An Introduction to Issues in Police Stations

Contemporary Comments

  • David Indermaur, Changing Attitudes to the Death Penalty: An Australian Perspective
  • Scott Guy & Barbara Hocking, Times of Pestilence: Would a Bill of Rights Assist Australian Citizens Who Are Quarantined in the Event of an Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) Pandemic?


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