Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 19 No. 2

Editor: Professor Duncan Chappell, University of Sydney


  • Stuart Ross and Michelle Hannan, Australia’s New Anti-Money Laundering Strategy
  • Scott Poynting and Barbara Perry, Climates of Hate: Media and State Inspired Victimisationof Muslims in Canada and Australia since 9/11
  • Alice Grey, Not-So-Uniform Evidence Law: Reforming Longman Warnings
  • Penny Crofts, Sex in the Dark: The Brothels Legislation Amendment Act 2007 (NSW)
  • Chris Cunneen and Garth Luke, Recidivism and the Effectiveness of Criminal Justice Interventions: Juvenile Offenders and Post Release Support
  • Murray Lee, Framing Dissent at Macquarie Fields


The Hon Chief Justice JJ Spigelman AC, Public Confidence in the Administration of Criminal Justice

David Brown, Critical Penology, Prisoners and Citizenship: in the genre of gonzo – a road trip to the cauldron for the Roach case

Contemporary Comments

  • Leanne Weber, Bridges or Bandaids? Another Death in Police Custody Reveals: Fatal Flaws in the Aboriginal Liaison Officer Concept
  • Deirdre Howard-Wagner, Restoring Social Order through Tackling ‘Passive Welfare’: The Statutory Intent of the NT National Emergency Response Act 2007and Social Security and Other Legislation Amendment (WelfarePayment Reform) Act 2007


Elizabeth Stanley, Borders, Mobility and Technologies of Control, S Pickeringand L Weber (eds), Springer, Dordrecht, 2006

Fiona Hutton, Incivilities, Regulating Offensive Behaviour, A Von Hirschand AP Simester (eds), Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2006