Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 20 No. 3 (March 2009)

Issue Editor: Professor Duncan Chappell, University of Sydney

The 2008 John Barry Memorial Lecture

Chris Cunneen, Criminology, Criminal Justice and Indigenous People: A Dysfunctional Relationship?


  • Gary Edmond, Katherine Biber, Richard Kemp, and Glenn Porter, Law’s Looking Glass: Expert Identification Evidence Derived from Photographic and Video Images
  • Anna Ferrante, The Use of Data-Linkage Methods in Criminal Justice Research: A Commentary on Progress, Problems and Future Possibilities
  • Duncan Chappell and Kenneth Polk, Fakers and Forgers, Deception and Dishonesty: An Exploration of the Murky World of Art Fraud
  • Andrew Groves and Marinella Marmo, How to ‘Melt the Ice’ on the Streets: A Social-Control Analysis on the Rise of Methamphetamines within Australia and the Need to Reduce Demand
  • Alice Hutchings and Hennessey Hayes, Routine Activity Theory and Phishing Victimisation: Who Gets Caught in the ‘Net’?

Contemporary Comments

  • David Brown, Searching for a Social Democratic Narrative in Criminal Justice
  • Arlie Loughnan, The Legislation We Had to Have? The Crimes (Criminal Organisations Control) Act 2009 (NSW)
  • Thalia Anthony, Manifestations of Moral Panics in the Sentencing of Palm Islander Lex Wotton
  • Duncan Chappell and Robyn Lincoln, ‘Shhh … We Can’t Tell You’: An Update on the Naming Prohibition of Young Offenders
  • [[b||Denise Weelands, Residential Centre or Day Prison? The Case of COSP


Thalia Anthony, Crime, Aboriginality and the Decolonisation of Justice , Harry Blagg, Hawkins Press, Sydney 200

Allan McCay, Negotiating Responsibility: Law, Murder and States of Mind , Kimberley White, UBC Press, Vancouver, 2008