Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 21 No. 2 (November 2009)

Issue Editor: Professor Duncan Chappell, University of Sydney


  • Danielle Tyson, Questions of Guilt and Innocence in the Victorian Criminal Trial of Robert Farquharson and the 'Fact before Theory' Internet Campaign
  • Martine B. Powell and Rebecca Wright, Professionals' Perceptions of Electronically Recorded Interviews with Vulnerable Witnesses
  • Lorana Bartels, Sword or Butter Knife?: A Breach Analysis of Suspended Sentences in Tasmania
  • Brian Steels, Forever Guilty: Convict Perceptions of Pre and Post Conviction
  • Anna Ferrante, Nini Loh and Max Maller, Assessing the Impact of Time Spent in Custody and Mortality on the Estimation of Recidivism
  • Eileen Baldry and Ruth McCausland, Mother Seeking Safe Home: Aboriginal Women Post-release
  • Kelly Richards, Taking Victims Seriously?: The Role of Victims' Rights Movements in the Emergence of Restorative Justice

Contemporary Comments

  • Nicholas Cowdery AM QC, 'A Threat to the Rule of Law: The New South Wales' Crimes (Criminal Organisations Control) Act 2009
  • Thalia Anthony and Duncan Chappell, 'Police Care for the Mentally Ill: The Restricted Vision of the High Court in' Stuart v Kirkland-Veenstra


  • Malcolm Brown, John Hailes Flood Nagle, 1913-2009'


  • Russell Hogg, Fear of Crime - Critical Voices in an Age of Anxiety
  • Jesse Elvin, Rape: A History from 1860 to the Present
  • Duncan Chappell, J V Barry: A Life