Current Issues in Criminal Justice - Volume 22 No. 2 (November 2010)


  • Gail Mason and Julie Stubbs, Beyond Prison: Women, Incarceration and Justice?


  • Kelly Hannah-Moffat, Sacrosanct or Flawed: Risk, Accountability and Gender-Responsive Penal Politics
  • Mark Brown and Stuart Ross, Assisting and Supporting Women Released from Prison: Is Mentoring the Answer?
  • Mary Corcoran, Snakes and Ladders: Women’s Imprisonment and Official Reform Discourse under New Labour
  • Eileen Baldry, Women in Transition: From Prison to...
  • Phil Scraton and Linda Moore, From Conflict to Peace? The Rights Abuses of Women and Girls in Prison in Northern Ireland
  • Bree Carlton and Marie Segrave, Women, Trauma, Criminalisation and Imprisonment

Practice Notes

  • Margaret Hamilton, People with Complex Needs and the Criminal Justice System

Contemporary Comments

  • Debbie Kilroy and Kim Pate, Activism around Gendered Penal Practices
  • Katherine McFarlane, From Care to Custody: Young Women in Out-of-Home Care in the Criminal Justice System


  • Sue Paull and Bruce Adams, Holloway Prison
  • Louise Boon-Kuo, Women, Crime and Social Harm: Towards a Criminology for the Global Era