Current Issues in Criminal Justice

Current Issues in Criminal Justice: Volume 23 Number 2, November 2011

Issue Editors:
Dr Arlie Loughnan, Sydney Law School
Dr Murray Lee, Sydney Law School


  • Hennessey Hayes, Tara Renae McGee and Michael Cerruto, Explaining Continuity and Change in Offending Behaviour after a Restorative Justice Conference
  • Caitlin Hughes, Bridget Spicer and Kari Lancaster, Young People’s Perceptions of, and Engagement with, News Media Reporting on Illicit Drug Issues: An Australian Study
  • Anthony Pyne, The Mood and Temper of the Public: R v Lodhi and the Principles of Sentencing in the War on Terror
  • Laura Wilson, Perceptions of Legitimacy and Strategies of Resistance: Melbourne Illicit Drug Users and Random Roadside Drug Testing
  • Danielle Tyson, Victoria’s New Homicide Laws: Provocative Reforms or More Stories of Women ‘asking for it’?
  • Garner Clancey, Daren Fisher and Murray Lee, Do Crime Risk Assessment Reports Measure Crime Risks?
  • Mark Finnane and Kieran Finnane, A Death in Alice Springs

Contemporary Comments

  • Craig Jones and Don Weatherburn, What Data Can You Get From BOCSAR?
  • Thomas Crofts and Tanya Mitchell, Prohibited Behaviour Orders and Indigenous Overrepresentation in the Criminal Justice System


  • Katherine Biber, Crooks Like Us by Peter Doyle
  • Edwin Bikundo, International Criminal Law and Philosophy by Larry May and Zachary Hoskins (eds)