Law Student Societies

The Student Societies at Sydney Law School are designed to enhance the student experience for our students. Each is administered and maintained by Sydney Law School's students.

Sydney University Law Society (SULS)

The Sydney University Law Society (SULS) has an Education Committee and offers information, services and support for learning.

The Sydney University Law Society (SULS) was formed in 1902. All law students are immediately members. SULS assumed an important role in representing the interests and needs of students to the University, the Law School, the Union and the SRC.

Its aims include the creation of an enjoyable social climate and feeling of camaraderie among the students. Furthermore, through its continued sponsorship it maintains a strong relationship with the legal profession, particularly in Sydney.

Activities include Orientation activities for new students coupled with an information handbook, the organisation of social events such as the Law Ball, the Law Dinner, free lunches, cocktail parties and semester parties.

SULS is ultimately responsible for the production of the Law Revue although applicants appointed by the SULS executive to those positions control its organisation and direction. The Revue is the most public arm of the Law Society and continues to be an enormous success for all those involved.

SULS is also responsible for organising guest speakers to attend lunchtime seminars on interesting and controversial topics.
The Society runs the mooting programs for both senior and junior mooters. In addition to the internal competition, the H V Evatt Moot is held annually between the University of New South Wales and the University of Sydney.

Support for Students
  • SULS Law School Basics workshops.
    Students and staff share their tips on studying, writing assignments and exam technique in the
  • SULS Education Guide
    Advice on how to prepare for class, make notes, and write assignments as well as perspectives on different units of study.
  • Law Tutor database
    Find a private tutor or join a study group then SULS maintains

Chinese Law Students Society (CLSS)

Founded in 2004, the Chinese Law Students Society (CLSS) at the University of Sydney is dedicated to enhancing the quality of student life at the university and providing its members with opportunities on a global scale.

The society’s aims are to:

  • assist the ambitions and aspirations of members in their pursuit of academic excellence
  • provide members with exciting career opportunities both within Australian and overseas
  • facilitate a range of enjoyable social events for members who share a common interest in law

CLSS comprises four main portfolios:

  • Careers
  • Education
  • Social
  • Publications

Korean Law Students at the University of Sydney