Pathways from the Sydney LLB or Sydney JD to Cambridge and Oxford

Punts at Cambridge

Sydney Law School offers a unique collaboration with the faculties of Law at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, the United Kingdom’s leading law schools. The pathway programs allow high-achieving students to receive a Sydney LLB or a Sydney JD as well as an Oxford Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) or Master of Law and Finance (MLF), or a Cambridge Master of Laws (LLM) or Masters in Corporate Law (MCL).

The program is open to final-year students at Sydney Law School. Admission is competitive and is assessed by the law school where you choose to apply. Instead of completing the final semester of your degree in Sydney you will commence your studies in the UK in late September, after successful completion of your second-last semester in Sydney. At the completion of your UK studies you will be awarded both a Sydney LLB or JD and a masters degree from either Oxford or Cambridge. Under these agreements, the time taken to complete both awards will be reduced by one semester.

Please note that students need to pay all tuition, travel and living expenses associated with these programs but you will not be required to pay final semester tuition fees at Sydney.


Bachelor of Civil Law

Oxford University’s Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) is one of the most highly esteemed master’s-level qualifications in the common-law world. You will be expected to analyse complex material critically and to consider it from different perspectives. Attention to legal puzzles is combined with discussion of underlying policy problems, and you are expected to contribute to debate. You are likely to find students from a range of countries and backgrounds in the seminars – a diversity that stimulates variety and depth in discussions.

Masters of Law and Finance

The Masters of Law and Finance consists of core and elective study. You will undertake the following core courses: Finance I; Finance II; First Principles of Financial Economics; and Law and Economics of Corporate Transactions.

You then have the option of completing a further two law courses, or one dissertation and one law course.


Master of Laws

The Cambridge Law Faculty offers a world-renowned, internationally-respected LLM (Master of Laws) program. The one-year coursework offers highly-qualified and intellectually-outstanding students the opportunity to pursue their legal studies at an advanced level in a challenging and supportive environment. The program has rich historical traditions and attracts students of the highest calibre from both common law and civil law jurisdictions.

Masters degree in Corporate Law

The MCL is taught by the Cambridge Law Faculty's team of corporate lawyers, widely recognized as one of the strongest in the corporate law field. The MCL, the first entirely new degree in Law to be established by Cambridge University since the nineteenth century, has been designed to combine practical insights with academic and theoretical rigor and thus constitutes an ideal graduate program for those strengthening their credentials as business lawyers and those who have an academic career in mind.

Am I eligible to apply?

You can apply if you have completed 4 semesters of law study at Sydney in either the LLB or the JD and will have undertaken all compulsory requirements prior to enrolment at Oxford or Cambridge (including the Jurisprudence and International/Comparative/Transnational elective requirements). Students undertaking a law exchange are not eligible to apply. If you have accepted an exchange place and subsequently withdraw as a result of an acceptance to Oxford or Cambridge you will not gain credit towards the Sydney LLB or JD under this agreement.

How do I apply?

You apply directly to the institution of your choice.


Information about how to apply to Oxford

Closing date is Late January of each year.


Information about how to apply to Cambridge

Closing date is mid-November of each year.

What are the admission criteria?

You will be assessed on 4 semesters of academic results in the Sydney LLB or Sydney JD. In other words, you will have completed all units of study up until the end of 4th year in Combined Law, or 2nd year Juris Doctor.

When do the degrees start?

You will commence your studies in September of the following year. By that stage, you will have completed 5 semesters of law study at Sydney. Should you be accepted you need to contact the Law School so that you studies at Sydney may be suspended while you complete your studies at Oxford or Cambridge.

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