Religious Freedoms Conference: The scope and limits of religious freedom in Australia

15 March 2013
The accommodation of religious liberty in the USA
Robin Fretwell Wilson, Washington & Lee University School of Law
37 min 34 sec, (mp3, 34.2mb)
Religious freedom and the privatisation of religion
Dr Ryan Messmore, Campion College Sydney
30 min 30 sec, (mp3, 27.9mb)
Religious Freedom in Multicultural States - The experience of Muslim communities
Dr Ghena Krayem, Sydney Law School
32 min 38 sec, (mp3, 29.8mb)
The scope and limits of religious freedom under the Australian Constitution
Professor Nick Aroney, University of Queensland
34 min 37 sec, (mp3, 31.7mb)
Anti-Discrimination and Freedom of Religious: does the 2012 Human Rights and Anti-discrimination Bill achieve the right balance?
Professor Gillian Triggs, Australian Human Rights Commission
43 min 59 sec, (mp3, 40.2mb)
Exceptional religious freedom
Professor Patrick Parkinson, Sydney Law School
40 min 44 sec, (mp3, 37.2mb)