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Globally, emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases are major causes of morbidity and mortality, socioeconomic disruption and economic instability. Expert knowledge and input are essential for governments to effectively anticipate, control or reduce the impact of future epidemic infections.

The Marie Bashir Institute for Infectious Diseases and Biosecurity (MBI) is committed to meeting the challenge of emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases, by:

  • Leading in cross-disciplinary research into emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases
  • Increasing capacity within Australia and Asia Pacific nations to detect and respond to infectious disease outbreaks in humans and animals
  • Informing and assisting in the development of policies and strategies to prevent, contain and control emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases
research strategy

Our vision

We are committed to research and knowledge exchange for improved understanding of complex interactions that fuel the emergence and spread of infectious diseases - especially in the Asia-Pacific region. We aspire to combat and lesson their resulting health and socioeconomic impacts. We support multi-disciplinary and cross-faculty initiatives that generate novel research management approaches. We encourage a comprehensive approach to biosecurity, which includes food and water safety/security and ecological integrity/sustainability.

Principles of interaction

We will attempt to create a “free space for the mind” where interactions are open and non-hierarchical, lateral thinking is encouraged and the excitement of scientific discovery shared:

  • Activities should be stimulating, interactive and fun
  • Critical questions that explore the full context or interrogate different angles are encouraged

We hope to create a platform where people with shared interests can connect across discipline boundaries, establish links with existing groups/expertise and develop collaborative projects at their own discretion/pace